WPs for project management and for communication activities are not foreseen and should be budgeted in the WPs related to the project implementation. Where should those activities be mentioned and budgeted? Where should the deliverables for those activities be indicated?

Management and communication activities should be foreseen in thematic WPs as there is no dedicated WP for those activities.
Given the importance of communication, project partners are required to describe their communication approach at application stage (Section C.7 of the Application Form). In this part, they must demonstrate how the communication objectives and activities as described in the work packages will help achieve the project results.

For project management: all details can be found in the C.7. section of the application form.

Deliverables are to be indicated for each WP. Please note that only content-related deliverables (not intermediary) should be mentionned. Those deliverables should be the main key deliverable achieved at the end of the activity period.