What is the definition of an investment in the sense of the Programme?

The definition of an investment, in the sense of the Programme, is provided in the Programme Manual. A rephrasing is currently under approval from the Monitoring committee. Once validated, the Manual will be updated to a version V1.3. The proposed rephrasing is the following:

“For the correct implementation of the project activities, the partners may require the use of various equipment, materials and services. Within the meaning of the Programme, only the elements (technical or IT equipment, materials for the deployment of the pilot action, and related services etc.) necessary within the framework of the pilot project activities, and dedicated to the realisation of such activity, are considered as “investments”[1].

“Investments” as referred to in the Programme must appear under the section “investment” of the Application Form[2] and be associated with the relevant expenditure in the budget part (cost categories external expertise and services, equipment and/or infrastructure and works).

NB: Equipment used by a partner to support the realisation and implementation of other project activities (other than pilot activities) is not considered as “fixed investment in equipment” and does not fall within the scope of investments as referred to in the Programme.”