Calls for proposals



Calls Status Priorities Budget Opening on Closing on
1st call: Governance Projects Closed ISO 1 19 M€ 24/02/2022 1/06/2022
2nd call: Thematic Projects
Closed PO1/PO2 118 M€ 27/06/2022 27/10/2022
3rd call: Governance Projects Closed ISO 1 17 M€ 29/092022 3/11/2022
4th call: Thematic Projects Open PO1/PO2 44 M€** 12/03/2024 12/06/2024
5th call: Thematic Projects (Strategic Territorial Projects only) Planned PO1/PO2 35 M€** 06/2024
(1st phase)
(1st phase)
6th call: Thematic Projects (Test projects) – Restricted Planned PO1/PO2 10 M€** 04/2026 04/2026
7th call: Thematic Projects (Transfer projects) – Restricted Planned PO1/PO2 23 M€** 2nd Semester 2026 2nd Semester 2026

* The above calendar may be revised and is subject to the approval of the Monitoring Committee.
** Indicative budget

How to apply

Besides the common provisions of the Programme Manual, specificities of each call for proposals are detailed in the Terms of Reference of the call.

We highly recommend you to attend the information session organised by the Joint Secretariat prior to each call launch. You can find the calendar in our Event page.

Please note that project applications are 100% dematerialised and must be submitted via the online monitoring tool of the Programme, Jems (Joint Electronic Monitoring System) at the following address :

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