As stated in the ToR for Governance projects (page 23), there must be a minimum of six partners based in different countries that belong to the Interreg Euro-Med eligible area, and that at least 1 of them must be based in the EU area (NUTS2 regions) of the Intereg Euro-Med space and 1 in the IPA area. In both the webinar and the info session of Spain, a reply to a similar question was given that the minimum criteria B1 is only met if 6 partners are from the Interreg Euro-Med area (69 regions). Could you confirm?

The eligibility criteria B1 refers to ” to the Interreg Euro-Med eligible area”, which is defined as the 69 eligible regions (please sea footnote in p.7 of the ToRs). Therefore, it is correct that the criteria is only met if the 6 partners come from 6 different countries, and belong to the 69 regions of the eligible Programme Area.