Could you please provide a comprehensive list of mandatory activities for Thematic Community and Institutional Dialogue projects ?

Mandatory activities are listed in the Programme Manual (1.C « Design the project activities and 1.C Annex B «Activities and delivrables » that will be published by the end of this week) ) and are common to all types of projects (Governance and Thematic projects).

The mandatory activities are the following:
– Communication
– Monitoring of carbon footprint. A tool for calculating the carbon offsetting of the project activities will be made available by the Programme.
– Contribution to the Results Amplification Strategy

It means that those activities have to be budgeted.
For each activity, the Manual draw a list of possible actions as well of examples of deliverables that can be provided (which are not mandatory).
Specific activities by categories of project are also listed as possible actions with examples of deliverables.

The terms of reference for each Call may establish specific requirements in addition to the mandatory activities.

Regarding the Call for proposals on Governance projects, the following additonnal activities have to be integrated in the proposal.

– Coordination among, the partnerships/projects belonging to the same mission as well as among all governance projects (bilateral and multi-lateral coordination) with the active support and coordination of the JS :
o Appointment of a representative per project to participate in a permanent contact group
o A joint outreach activity per year
o Participation in the Euro-MED Academy (co-establishment of the Academy and appointment of a representative per project)

– Possible participation in a Cross-Programme pilot activity (first possibly on sustainable tourism) in the framework of a multi-programme coordination mechanism (reinforced cooperation) in the Mediterranean, currently under development between different programmes

– For TCPs, monitoring of the contribution of the projects of their thematic community to the UN SDGs indicators related to the Mission tackled.

– Participation in other potential activities as appropriate and requested by JS