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Cooperation Programme

The Cooperation Programme is our governing document. It has been approved by the European Commission on 31st May 2022.

Cooperation Programme
Programme Summary

Before the Cooperation Programme approval, the Commission drafted an Orientation paperto launch a discussion on the Interreg Euro-MED programme with partner countries concerned.
It was destined to provide ideas, options and orientations on the thematic focus of the future programme.

Orientation paper

Programme manual

The Programme Manual aims at describing and explaining the rules applicable to proposals and projects selected within the framework of the Interreg Euro-MED Programme. You can download the first approved parts of the Manual to better understand how to build your projet.
NB: additional parts of the manual available (19/10/2022)

Programme manual V1.3


The Results Amplification Strategy supports the capitalisation of knowledge, experience and project results and contains guidelines for a joint Amplification-Communication work plan.

Results Amplification Strategy


In this section, you can find different reports on the Programme:

Public consultation report
Environmental report
Diagnosis report

Programme materials

In this section, you can find the Programme brochure in web version as well as the Powerpoint general presentation.
NB: for the printing version file of the brochure, please contact the Joint Secretariat.


General Programme presentation (PPT)


Download the Programme logo and brand book. Other materials are available upon request.
NB: on 22/09/2022, an updated version of the logo (V2) has been uploaded.

Brand book

Programme Logo (V2)

Monitoring Committee

As per reference to CPR Art. 49, you wil find all the documents related to the Interreg Euro-MED Monitoring Committee:

Internal rules and annexes

1st Monitoring Committee – 15th June 2022

2nd Monitoring Committee – 22nd June 2022

3rd Monitoring Committee – 27th September 2022


Partners Declaration and Statements

The partners declaration states the involvment of each partner of the project and establish its co-financing part. It is generated automatically by Jems, the monitoring system. You can find the courtesy versions of the declarations according to your partner status.

Project partner declaration
Lead partner
Associated partner
De minimis declaration

The Statement of capacity and compliance with the principles for investment states has to be filled in in the case of projects including investments. It must be signed by each project partner in charge of the implementation of the so-called investment(s) and will be annexed to the consolidated Application Form.

Statement of capacity and compliance with the principles for investment

Contracting documents

The Subsidy Contract sets out the rights and responsibilities of the Lead Partner and the Managing Authority, as well as the main activities to be carried out and general conditions of the financing. It is generated automatically by Jems.
You can find a courtesy version here below.

Subsidy contract

The Partnership Agreement formalises the organisation of the partnership and establishes the responsibilities of the partners between each other and towards the Lead Partner for the implementation of the project. It is generated automatically by Jems. You can find a courtesy version here below.

Partnership agreement


Projects and missions branding

The logos of the 4 missions for Governance projects are available here below for download: 

Mission: Innovative sustainable economy

Mission: Natural heritage

Mission: Green living areas

Mission: Sustainable tourism

Training center

The training center offers video tutorials, free MOOCs and other useful resources to help you build and implement your project successfully.

Interreg Euro-MED Academy

Discover the free MOOC of the Academy


Storytelling and Digital Communication

Learn how to write for the web and to use social media for Interreg projects.


Lobbying & Advocacy

Learn how to lobby your project to bring its results to higher policy-making levels!


Media relations

Learn how to deal with media!



Monitoring system

The Interreg Euro-MED Programme uses Jems, the monitoring tool developed by Interact. It is available for all applicants and partners at:

You can find more information about Jems in the Jems portal.

You can read the user manual and watch tutorials here: General documentation


Frequently Asked Questions

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