Call 4
Thematic projects

The subject of this 4th open call for proposals is the financing of thematic projects that correspond to the following priorities and related specific objectives:

The call adresses 2 types of projects:

  • test projects
  • transfer projects

For more information on the types of projects, visit this page.


Programme priorities and specific objectives

Projects must be aligned with the Programme priorities (Priority 1: A Smarter Mediterranean & Priority 2: A Greener Mediterranean) and its specific objectives as follows:

Be careful, for this call the Specific Objective 1.1 will not be open to for the Mission Sustainable Tourism !

The candidates must choose one mission to focus their project on.

Applying to the call

The Terms of reference (one per each mission) set out the specific criteria we are looking for.
Applications are possible only during the dates of the call (cf. calendar below). Outside this period, no application will be considered.

Applications must be submitted online via Jems, the monitoring system developed by Interact. It is available for all applicants and partners at:
To help you use Jems, you can read the user manual.

The programme’s Monitoring Committee decides which projects to approve.

Download the terms of reference and courtesy application form for more information.
We also strongly recommend you to read the Cooperation Programme and the Programme Manual.

You may also visit the Documents&Tools section to find more information and documents that will help you in your overall understanding of the Programme and its calls for proposals.






Here is the timetable detailing the key stages for submitting your proposals and its assessment :
Key Steps Dates
Opening of the Call 12th March 2024 at 13:00 (Brussels time)
Closure of the call 12th June 2024 at 13:00 (Brussels time)
Submission of mandatory annexes 26th June 2024
Assessment of proposals (one step assessment) Between June 2024 and January 2025
Selection by the Monitoring Committee February 2025
Pre-contracting and contracting procedures Between February and March 2025
Starting date of the projects 1st April 2025

* This calendar is subject to change without notice.


Call-related events

In order to support the future applicants in writing their project proposal and inspiring them, the JS is organising a series of events.


This meeting was held on March 8th.
More information are available here.

These seminars will provide applicants with an overview of the missions. Click on the event you wish to participate in to register:

March 21st: Missions Green Living Areas

March 21st: Missions Natural Heritage

March 22nd: Missions Innovative Sustainable Economy

March 22nd: Missions Sustainable Tourism

They aim at supporting applicants in building their project proposal. Click on the event you wish to participate in to register:

April 4th – Building your Partnership & Logical framework, Strategic framework

April 15th – Drafting your Work Plan, the Mandatory & communication activities, indicators and investments

April 17th – Buidling your budget / Eligibility of expenditures / State aid

May 16th – Questions & Answers

To see all our events, click here.

Get help & support

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