The information contained in this section has been provided  by  the national authority in 03/2023.
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National Control System

National Control System description

In Spain, the National control system is decentralised and the Ministry of Finance and Civil Administration – Directorate-General for European Funds is responsible for the control activities and must authorise the auditor proposed by the partner before the first expenditure certificate is reported.

On one hand, if the partner is an institution with a separate control unit, this unit could also be responsible for National Controller of Interreg Euro-MED. This system must be authorised by the National Authority before the first certificate of expenditure is communicated.
On the other hand, all other partners must propose an independent controller registered in the Official Register of Auditors (ROAC) to be approved by the National Authority.
In both cases the certificates of expenses signed by the auditor have to be validated by the Directorate-General for European Funds before being sent to the lead partner.

Control costs
Verification expenditures are eligible according to Interreg Euro-MED Programme Manual. National validation of National Controller certificates are carried out free of charge for the partners.

On-the-spot verifications conducted by National Controllers
On-the-spot check verification has to be carried out at least once during the project lifetime for each project partner.

Other checks performed by the National Authority
National Authorities could perform additional checks in cases where the specific circumstances of a project, beneficiary or expenditure may so require.