Republic of North Macedonia

National Contact Point

National Control System

National Control System description

In North Macedonia, the National Control System is centralised and it is carried out by external controllers.             

The external controllers are selected and contracted by the Secretariat for European Affairs in its capacity as National Authority responsible for Euro-MED 2021-2027 Programme. The controllers shall be assigned with control and verification tasks by the National Authority, following internally defined methodology in order to secure equal disbursement of tasks/projects among the controllers which are part of the established roster.                                                                                                                          

Control and verification activities shall take into consideration administrative, financial, technical and physical aspects of the operations, and they shall include at least one on-the-spot check within the lifespan of the project regardless of the type of the implemented activities.

Control costs : The costs for the control and verification of the expenses reported by the project partners from North Macedonia shall be covered by the National Authority through its nationally planned annual budget.