Waters for sustainable change – inland areas for sustainable tourism

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    Hello, I represent the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, from Larissa Greece and wanted to indicate our interest for this project proposal. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is a private non-profit research organization, experienced in the field of Social and Business Innovation. In our 17 years of operation, we have been actively involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of more than 200 projects at the European and national level under different thematic areas and specific topics such as social innovation, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, etourism etc. We could get involved in some networks on the above-mentioned topics.
    IEDs experts can offer you professional services on project management and project dissemination for your Project. We could also be the Technical Partner as we have experience in developing applications and such kinds of platforms. iED has also developed its own e-learning platform ATHENA providing online courses and certifications. Among others, we are in a position to undertake the development of the dissemination, communication, and exploitation strategy.
    Moreover, we can bring suited actors from our ecosystem to the project depending on the needs.
    For more information, you can contact us at


    Dear Conceiçao,

    I am writing you on behalf of Town Ludbreg and we are interesting to join the consortium and your idea is great opportunity for development sustainable tourism in Ludbreg. We have experience in Interreg projects as lead partners and partners. In the last financial perspective, Town Ludbreg was awarded as the best city in terms of withdrawal of European funds per capita.

    The river Bednja passes through Ludbreg and we have the Island of Youth, which consists of several lakes that represent a tourist attraction in the town and it is located in city centre. The Island of Youth is a popular promenade in Ludbreg, surrounded by ponds, lakes, and gently embraced by the river Bednja. Near the island there is a nice small city dam that manages the water regime of the Bednja river, protects the city and is a photo attraction.

    The island of youth is the green lungs of Ludbreg, a place for recreation and relaxation, but also the origin of many manifestations, sports and recreational events, festivals and concerts. For more information please visit our site:
    If you are willing to include us as project partners please send me an email to with detailed information about project.

    Best regards,


    Dear Conceiçao,
    We at the Patras Science Park in Western Greece are implementing an Interreg ADRION project that looks quite relevant (CreaTourES). It is about promotion of new routes that combine natural beauty and mainstream tourist interests with the Cultural and Creative Activities. In this context we have created a bike / hiking route in a mountainous area, along the course of a major local river.
    I believe we can talk more about it and our Park ( if you think that we are a suitable partner to your proposal.
    Kind regards
    P. Konstantinopoulos (

    Rafael TsoukalidisRafael Tsoukalidis

    Dear Conceiçao,
    Your interesting concept attracted our interest. We can coordinate the participation of a Region that has precious inner waters with precious protected natural heritage (NATURA 2000) and impressive cultural and archeological assets.

    We saw that your interest prioritise also in countries like Bulgaria. Please be informed that we can get in contact with our colleagues in the Bulgarian side (we cooperate many years with several Bulgarian Municipalities) .

    We can exchange ideas. Possibly some may trigger further interest for elaboration.

    kind regards,

    Lisa SentimentiLisa Sentimenti

    We have started a beautiful experience in Ferrara (Italy) enhancing the value of inland waters and the landscape in 2016, thanks to 2 projects co-funded by EIT Climate-KIC. Here – along with relevant stakeholders – a territorial strategy was developed, named Landscape Metropolis. The Landscape Metropolis strategy aims to enhance the landscape, which is seen as an infrastructure, fostering the regeneration of depopulated areas and the connection between the city of Ferrara and its suburban areas through an intermodal-sustainable mobility network (existing and renovated waterways, cycle lanes, railway lanes, bus lanes and walking paths for the daily mobility), thus increasing the quality of citizens’ lives and boosting sustainable tourism (since most of the concerned places are Unesco, Natura2000 or MAB sites). For more deatails (I can also send project’s factsheets in English of course). We cannot lead any proposal but we have a rather successful experience with INTERREG and other EU funded projects in the last 20 years. We are indeed eager to join as partner any proposal, such as this one, letting us to further test and/or transfer our good experience with Landscape Metropolis. Please, if interested contact me by email
    Best regards

    Anna PeltegovaAnna Peltegova

    Dear Mr. Conceicao,

    Bulgaran Management Association is interested in joining your project with focus on the importance of water in inland areas for sustainable tourism experiences. We would be glad to provide you with information on our project experience in development of sustainable tourism. Would you please contact us through e-mail at:

    With kind regards,
    Anna Peltegova

    Luka DragojevicLuka Dragojevic

    Dear Biagio,

    Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (Croatia) as a coastal region is interested in your project.

    The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is located in the Western part of the Republic of Croatia, at the point of encounter of the blue Northern Adriatic and the green mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is a unit of regional self-government encompassing 14 cities and 22 municipalities with total population of 265.419. The seat of the County is in Rijeka. The County performs its activities through 11 departments with regional competences dealing with spatial and urban planning, regional development, tourism, entrepreneurship, rural development, sports, culture, technical culture, youth, planning and development of network of educational, health, social and cultural institutions. As regional authority County has implemented over 20 INTERREG projects including EnerNETmob, BLUEISLANDS (INTERREG Med), REFRESH, FOCUS IN CD (INTERREG Central Europe) EnerMOB, FUTURE 4.0 (INTERREG Adrion), MOSES ARCA ADRIATICA, Adri.SmArtFish, ARGOS, AdriPromTour, ARTVISION +, Joint SECAP, EXCOVER, FRAMESPORT (INTERREG Italy-Croatia), CARNIVORA DINARICA, GREENMOBILE, CLAUSTRA + (INTERREG Slovenia- Croatia) as well as SCREEN as SIMPLA projects (HORIZON 2020).

    We remain at your disposal for any further developments.

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