Waters for sustainable change – inland areas for sustainable tourism

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    The Municipality of Azambuja (Alentejo, Portugal), a territory crossed by the Tagus River and the Universidade Lusófona (Lisbon, Portugal) propose a project focused on the importance of water in inland areas for sustainable tourism experiences.

    This project is intended to:
    – Develop sustainable tourism in the interior areas of the Mediterranean, creating physical and virtual visitation experiences on water routes;
    – Create alternative tourist offers to mass tourism of sun and beach, requalifying and adapting the territory to an inclusive visitation;
    – Take advantage of the “water paths” to bring local communities and visitors closer to the theme of the importance of preserving water resources, which is fundamental in the current scenario of climate change;
    – Recover collective memories (material and immaterial heritage) of experiences associated with the use of water.

    Priority will be given to Spanish, Slovenian, Bulgarian and Croatian partners.

    Vanja CencičVanja Cencič

    GORIŠKA LOCAL ENERGY AGENCY from Slovenia (nova Gorica) is a non-profit agency. It implements research activities, training, awarness raising campaigns, elaborate municipal energy strategies and plans, promote RES and EE, sustainable transport and tourism, efficient technologies, etc. We act as an energy manager for more than 20 municipalities and a joint coordinator between municipalities and different stakeholders at local and national level. We have a strong experience in EU projects. We are active also in the Soča river valley area (Soča river and its tributaries excite the lovers of natural beauty and seekers of adventurous water sports such as wildwater kayaking, rafting, canyoning, it attracts fiserman from all over the world, camping enthusiasts, etc.).
    GOLEA is interested in joining a consortium. Please contact us on:


    Dear Conceiçao,

    The Institut Català de Recerca en Patrimoni Cultural (ICPRC-CERCA) (Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) is a research centre devoted to study of material and immaterial cultural AND NATURAL heritage, its uses, and processes of heritagization and elsewhere and to training in analytical approaches to and dissemination of knowledge about cultural heritage and its role in current and future society.

    We are looking for proposals where we can participate as partners and contribute with our expertise and your projects is linked with our expertise

    If you want to explore the possibilty to add our centre as partner, please contact at:

    Antonio Rojas Rabaneda

    The ICRPC’s objective

    To be a leading centre in the field of cultural heritage research, through scientific work based on criteria of excellence, openness and the interrelation of the Institute with other reseach groups in the area of cultural heritage and other scientific fields.

    Our mission is to undertake cultural heritage research that contributes to society, and Catalan society in particular, by providing analyses of its historical and cultural heritage, and its current and future social relations.

    Currently we take part in the project “LIVHES: Living heritage for sustainable development” (Interreg SUDOE programme-SOE4/P5/F1112).

    Serafim KontosSerafim Kontos

    Greetings, I am Serafim Kontos, Researcher from the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Greece. Our expertise is on analysis and predictions of environmental information related to climate, energy and air quality, and on the respective impacts on human health and public sectors. We are interested to join a consortium as partners.

    You can contact me at

    Valeria RossiValeria Rossi

    UNION OF THE SAVIO VALLEY MUNICIPALITIES: the Union includes 6 Municipalities of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), a large territory of 810 km2 with 116,000 inhabitants. The Union is characterized by high naturalistic and landscape values thanks to the variety of its ecosystems, from the mountain areas to the plain and along the Savio river that crosses and connects the entire area to the coastal area of ​​the Adriatic Sea.
    The rediscovery of slow and “outodoor” tourism, linked to sporting practices and well-being after the pandemic, has developed a new trend in the tourism sector that appears to be a unique development opportunity. In this context, skills of local economic actors and public governance effectiveness are fundamental levers to be strengthened and interlinked. We believe that the relaunch of tourism in inland areas starts, first of all, through the ability of companies to rethink themselves focusing on integrated services, closer to practices of sustainability and climate resilience to respond to new market demands and new environmental challenges. The bicycle tourism and its economy are concrete examples of it: the Savio Valley Union of Municipalities is developing together with private sector Innovation Labs to develop sustainable tourism and finding solutions to protect nature ( Being part of an Interreg Euro-Med project will allow to increase the attractiveness of the internal areas through the development of “Territorial laboratories for innovation and sustainability” in order to strengthen business networks towards designing and promoting innovative services for sustainable tourism.
    Please feel free to contact me by email:

    Erik LogarErik Logar

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    our institute is highly interested in Interreg cooperation, focused focused on the importance of water in inland areas for sustainable tourism experiences.

    Expertise of our institute is also on field of rural and regional development, territorial management, social innovation, participatory processes, ecological topics (waste management, protected areas), circular economy etc.

    We have more than a decade of experiences of cooperating INTERREG projects. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

    More about our previous and conteporary project is available online:



    Dear Conceiçao
    I am writing to you from BSC Kranj Regional development agency of Gorenjska region, Slovenia we are responsible for regional development in the region of NW of Slovenia, including development of sustainable tourism. We have over 20 years of experiences in EU projects, including projects in sustainable tourism topic.
    Our region is rich with waterways and we have potentials to better explore water ways (including needed changes – climate change). We have over 50 % of Natura 2000, quite strong green sustainable tourism. It would be a pleasure to cooperate in the project.

    I would be glad if we could talk,

    With kind regards,

    M.Sc. Helena Cvenkel, director for research and development
    BSC Kranj
    Phone: 00386 31 302 382
    Skype: helena.cvenkel


    Dear colleagues
    I hope to be able to meet you all at the Euro Med meeting tomorrow in the meeting. We are in the partner selection phase so that we can then implement the idea with the partnership already established. I think we must do a Zoom meeting after the session.
    See you tomorrow.
    Conceicao Canavilhas
    tm 351966331195
    Executive Director
    Lisbon, Portugal


    Dear colleagues
    I hope to be able to meet you all at the Euro Med meeting tomorrow. We are in the partner selection phase. I hope we can then implement the idea with the partnership already established. I think we must do a Zoom meeting after the session.
    See you tomorrow.
    Conceicao Canavilhas
    tm 351966331195
    Executive Director
    Lisbon, Portugal


    Dear colleagues
    I hope to be able to meet you all at the Euro Med meeting tomorrow. We are in the partner selection phase. I hope we can then implement the idea with the partnership already established. I think we must do a Zoom meeting after the session.
    See you tomorrow.
    Conceicao Canavilhas
    tm 351966331195
    Executive Director
    Lisbon, Portugal

    Andrea GalloAndrea Gallo
    Participant is the reference in Italy on funding news and opportunities (grants and tenders search engine) for citizens, companies, NGOs and local governments.
    The media has more than 77.000 users registered and in 2021 reached 6mln page/views
    Main activities:
    – Information and dissemination services – Search engine, news, newsletter, customized newsletters, funding and business intelligence
    – Events organization about policies and funding opportunities, involving Italian government representatives and european institutions

    We are available for carrying out communication activities within the consortium.

    For any further information, you can email me at the following address:

    Gérard WOLFFGérard WOLFF

    Dear Conceicao Canavilhas,
    I am aware you are looking for some countries of the Euro Med region but in case you need to complete a partnership, the Departemental Council of Herault (south of France along the sea shore) has a significant experience in participating in EU projets, as the last Med Program, through the consortium of “Castwater” ( ) . The project focused on water management in coastal areas, tackling with tourism and over consumption of water in constrained areas due to swater shortages.
    So in any case feel free to contact me.
    Best regards
    G Wolff


    Dear Conceicao Canavilhas

    Our expression of interest:

    We are also very interested (like the Departemental Council of Herault) in your project proposal and we would like to participated in it. We have participated in several projects financed by InterregMed and IPA Slovenia-Croatia programs. CASTWATER project (Coastal Areas Sustainable Tourism WATER management in the Mediterranean), financed by InterreMed programme during the last programming period, was a project that dealt with sustainable water management issues in the Mediterranean. Namely, as one of the most important results was a framework for assessing sustainability water usage for tourism business entities that was formulated as a self-assessment tool for business entities. This tool helped them in assessing the sustainability level of their water consumption. Additionally, we have also participated in projects financed by IPA Slovenia-Croatia program (Wellness Istra, and Malvasia Tour Istra) that were focused on creating thematic itineraries. Therefore, this project would be great continuation of our efforts.

    Institute of Agriculture and Tourism is a public research institution that links research in the fields of agriculture (biotechnical sciences) and tourism (social sciences). The main focus of tourism research group is placed on two research areas: sustainable tourism and special interest tourism. Based on these areas, the tourism group is divided into two sub-groups. Depending on the issues studied in particular projects, additional researcher from biotechnical sciences are included.
    Currently, there are eight employees working in tourism research group but we have intention to develop the research group in the next five years.

    We are available for all additional information and contacts.

    In the meantime, you can read more about our institute at

    If you still have need for Croatian partners, please contact us.

    With all best regards. Ninoslav Luk
    Institut za poljoprivredu i turizam
    Viši stručni savjetnik za poslovne odnose
    Voditelj Tehnologijsko razvojnog centra
    TEL: +385 52 408 333
    GSM: +385 97 622 0084

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    Sonia MerloSonia Merlo

    Dear Conceição,

    My name is Sonia Merlo, I’m project manager at Red Raion (, an independent CGI studio specialised in media-based attractions and smart content for entertainment and culture. The mission of the company is to support institutions, museums, cultural centers, and tourism operators in choosing the most efficient immersive contents for their VR, XD and interactive attractions.
    Our expertise can be summarised as follows:
    – Development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for culture and tourism.
    – Production of CGI interactive content for any kind of hardware support and attraction.
    – Production of custom VR / 5D movies / Dome movies.
    – Development of top quality Video Games, Serious Games and Gamification applications.
    – Experience in the technical process of publishing commercial video games.
    – Experience in project dissemination and exploitation.

    I just saw your partners search in the Euro-MED portal and I strongly believe that we could offer our contribution in the development of virtual visitation experiences on water routes, which is properly our core. I would like to receive more information about your project idea and better discuss a potential cooperation in the development of a high quality project together, please write me at

    Kind Regards,
    Sonia Merlo

    Natasha ZarankovaNatasha Zarankova

    Dear Conceiçao,
    Let me present you our organization and express our interest in this project idea. We are Business Incubator – Gotse Delchev, Bulgarian non-for-profit, working in support of entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. We have long term experience in the area of sustainable tourism development under various EU programmes (CBC, Interreg IVC, Erasmus, national OP, etc.), – in diversification and promotion of tourist products and services in a waterland area, building capacity and environmentally-conscious entrepreneurial behavior in tourism, valorization of the cultural heritage in tourism, in creative and experiential tourism, cross-sectoral links (e.g. tourism – agri and food sectors), smart specialization, and many others. We initiated the development of the cross-border tourist association along the Mesta river and networks strengthening collaboration between SMEs in tourist sector and other complementary sectors. Furthermore, BIGD is working in the field of social economy, growing competences in social entrepreneurship and educating greener entrepreneurs.
    I will be glad to provide you with more detailed presentation, if you are interested and to discuss with you the project idea.

    Kind regards,
    Natasha Zarankova,

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