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    Fernando GasparFernando Gaspar

    Working on a proposal, we need partners from France and Eastern Med countries. Please contact us.

    Andrea BelloniAndrea Belloni


    we are a Regional Agency of Lazio Region and we are supporting Province of Latina to look for potential projects where to be involved. We are available to speak my mail is

    ibrahim Yamacibrahim Yamac

    Dear All,
    We, as the General Directorate of Combating Desertificaiton and Erosion, interested in collaboration under these call. , Please feel free to get in contact.

    Bill MitsiosBill Mitsios

    Dear Fernando
    My name is Vasilis Mitsios and I work as an independent Business Consultant with great experience in EU co-funded projects, especially Interreg Europe, for the past 15 years. My clientele consists of Greek Ministries, Regions, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Development Agencies and NGOs, which are interested in participating as partners in various proposals.
    In case you are interested in a partner from Greece, please send me an email at, so I can identify the most suitable partner for your idea.
    Thank you in advance
    Vasilis Mitsios

    Asja HerendaAsja Herenda

    Dear Fernando

    My name is Asja Herenda, and I’m representing NGO “Center for Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environment” – CEEO (
    CEEO is NGO founded in 2017, situated in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). We gather experts with experience within region of Southeast Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia.
    Within the organization we gather several experts in the field of sustainability, urban development, governance and policy making.
    Up to date we successfully implemented numerous EU funded projects. The last one is ongoing project within Interreg MED – SISMA PLUS.

    If you are looking for an IPA partner, we also have expressed interest from MOFTER – State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations to cooperate with us as Associated partner. Please, feel free to contact us:;

    Thank you in advance
    Asja Herenda

    ProSolutions ConsultingNuhi Neziri

    Dear Fernando,
    Municipality of Tearce from Republic of North Macedonia is Interested in joining as partner, on the following priority themes:

    – creation of conditions for sustainable tourism, mountain tourism and agro-tourism;
    – sustainable economic development;
    – environment: following best practices for waste management, best air cults and conservation of nature and biodiversity.

    So, we appreciate if you could consider us as possible partner in the case that you are planning to develop a project proposal under this upcoming First Call for proposals of Euro-MED Programme for first call for GOVERNANCE PROJECTS.

    Contact us at the following mail for further details:

    Best regards,

    Samir HusicSamir Husic

    Dear Fernando,

    I am writing you on behalf of the regional NGO Forestry and Environmental Action – fea team from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We would like to express our interest in cooperating with your organization for participating together in this call.

    fea is a regional non-governmental (nonprofit) network (with offices in Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgrade – Serbia), established in 2007 with the main purpose of advancing the state of the environment and forests in the SEE region. We also work closely with local communities BiH, helping to regenerate their environment and economy. We do have experience in the preparation and implementation EU funded projects including Interreg projects (at the moment we are partners of the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme). The organization aligns many of its most important goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which include gender equality, high-quality education for all, and protecting and restoring the natural environment.

    To get a bit more acquainted with our organisation, you can check our Web page ( or contact me by email at for any additional information. I would be happy to arrange an online meeting and discuss ideas for cooperation.

    Kind regards,
    Samir Husic

    Migena FeratiMigena Ferati


    We are an Albanian NGO called Alliance for Citizens and Communities. We want to collaborate with a leader organization that takes into account the strategic advantages of our Balkan region, in particular the issues of democratic governance in our country, Albania. We can offer any support to adjust the prior information in order to include our country’s perspective in your project.

    If you are interested to collaborate with us, please send us an email at

    Kind regards,
    Migena Ferati



    This is Daniela Ilcheva from Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria. We are interested in joining potential consortia, having in mind that we have implemented more than 60 EU funded projects.

    YCCI is focusing its strength on providing services to SMEs for internationalization( development of market access
    advice and matchmaking services), basic advisory services, consultations on regulatory requirements , advanced
    advisory services, general innovation support for SMEs services, advice on access to finance to help businesses
    innovate and grow international, resilience and sustainability related advisory services.

    As social partner, YCCI is constant and constructive participant in the public bodies of the Municipalities of the
    region – council for social partnership, council for social-economic development, other targeted councils in the
    field of development of the city and the region and also member of the Public councils to 7 professional high-
    schools from Yambol region, for coordination of the annual admission plan for the vocational high schools every

    YCCI holds a multidisciplinary team of 8 people, a large network of external experts and more than 350 synergies
    worldwide. The employees are specialized in different areas of economic development and the Chamber delivers
    a wide variety of business support services – financial issues, IT, public-private relations, quality standards and
    management, project development and management, informal training initiatives, etc. For 30 years since its
    establishment, YCCI has successfully entered in the public and social life of the region.

    If you would like to work with us, please let us know:


    Lilian ContariniLilian Contarini

    Dear Fernando,

    we would be happy to discuss with you partnership details.

    You may contact us at:

    Kind regards,



    Good day.
    ILiaktida non for profit organisation, based on Lesvos – island, Greece, in cooperation with the local municipalities of the island, is interesting to joint your project/proposal.
    If interresting you can contact us at

    Silvia BozzutoSilvia Bozzuto

    Dear Fernando,
    we are the Regional Chamber of Commerce for South of France (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region).
    I stay at your complete disposal to discuss about the possibility of collaboration.
    you can reach me at

    Silvia Bozzuto

    Rugova KurtishiRugova Kurtishi

    Dear Fernando,

    We are the Public institution National Park Shar Mountain from Republic of North Macedonia and we are interested to collaborate for upcoming First Call for GOVERNANCE PROJECTS in the following topics:
    – sustainable use of natural resources in the interest of current and future development, without significant damage to parts of nature and with the least possible disturbances of natural balance;
    – creating conditions for tourism development in accordance with the principle of sustainable development;
    – protection and conservation of natural habitats of National and Transnational importance;
    – protection and conservation of biodiversity of National and Transnational importance;
    I’m available for more details and to discuss more about topics of interests, so don’t hesitate to contact us for for further information.

    George StampoulisGeorge Stampoulis

    Dear Fernando

    INBIAN is a nonprofit civil organisation with a mission to support and deliver the philosophy of Business Excellence across Greece & Cyprus and to contribute to the promotion, dissemination and adoption of modern management principles, methods and practices for enterprises and organizations in the private and public sector.
    INBIAN is since 2021 a Gold Member of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and the exclusive partner of EFQM in Greece & Cyprus. As an EFQM Accredited Organization, it has the appropriate mechanisms, skills, experience and knowledge to drive Business Excellence and provide the full spectrum of services for an organisation’s sustainability and growth.
    Furthermore, INBIAN’s staff and associates have great experience in managing and, consequently, the capacity to implement European transnational programmes
    If you think the INBIAN could be a potential partner of yours, please contact me in order to proceed accordingly.
    Remaining at your disposal for any further information

    Kind regards

    George Stampoulis


    Iro and ProjectIro and Project


    We are an NGO, operating in the territory of Albania. Our expertise is in the area of eco-and social innovation; blue economy; tourism; training & mentoring; start-up and SMEs support; etc. We have experience in multinational projects, research, , training and events on a variety of topics.
    Our NGO is interested in joining as a partner in your project consortium, please contact us at

    With warm regards,

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