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Welcome to our two Interreg Volunteers!

IVY (“Interreg Volunteer Youth”) is an initiative by the European Commission that started in 2017. It gives young people aged between 18 and 30 years old the opportunity to be a volunteer within the organisations that make European cooperation possible. 

The Interreg Euro-MED Programme supports the IVY initiative and welcomed two IVY Reporters last month: Fahrettin Perçin and Solène Sanchez. During their six months with us, they will work with the communication unit to give more visibility to cooperation in the Mediterranean with a particular focus on young people. Following the programme’s objectives of making the region smarter and greener, they will have to reach out to young people to increase their involvement in the programme’s actions. 

Solène and Fahrettin in front of the JS


Let’s hear about the motivation of our two IVY Volunteers 

Fahrettin (on the right side) :

“After having graduated from International Relations programme in my university, I started following and learning more and more about European Union, EU projects and EU programmes. While researching regional cooperations, I learnt about the Interreg Euro-MED Programme. What makes EU great is the cooperation of multiple countries so that’s why I wanted to become a part of this programme to learn and contribute.

Being here and being able to contribute to the programme is truly a fascinating experience. I hope during my 6 months long time here in Marseille, I will be able to contribute to highlight the importance of Interreg and EU to youth.”

Solène (on the left side):

I started this volunteering two weeks ago and I have already seen many things! For me, it all started when I did an internship within the Portuguese National Authority of the Programme. There, I learnt a lot regarding European cooperation and really enjoyed the topic! Also, my studies focused on the Mediterranean area and its actors. This is why being an IVY within the JS of the Euro-MED programme is a great opportunity to experience cooperation from within this Interreg programme. I joined the communication unit to help with the Post 2027 consultation and to draw young people’s attention to the programme. I am very enthusiastic about this new adventure and I’m sure I will learn a lot! 

If you are a young person who wants to know more about the programme, visit  this page to find out what Interreg Euro-MED does to make the Mediterranean region greener and smarter. If you are a youth group or association and would like to work with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.