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Seven programmes for the Mediterranean: how the multiprogramme mechanism is moving forward


After the event “Towards a More Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean” held in Florence on May 4th 2023, the multiprogramme Coordination Mechanism met in Rome on 14 September.

The meeting was the opportunity to assess the pilot experience conducted by Interreg Italie-France Maritime, Next MED and Euro-MED, and to present the next steps.

With the adhesion of the new entries Interreg Italy-Croatia, Italy-Malta, Italy-Tunisia, Greece-Cyprus and the interest shown by Interreg Adrion, 7 Programmes are now ready to commit and participate in this innovative tool to strengthen European territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean and promote sustainable tourism.

Exchanging experiences and sharing expertise will be the basis for implementing joint projects and solutions, and for tackling major challenges in the Mediterranean.