ZEDA – Zenica Development Agency (BiH) – looking to join consortium

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    Mirza SikirićMirza Sikirić

    Zenica Development Agency ZEDA Ltd. Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was founded by the City of Zenica in 2004 as an instrument for supporting young entrepreneurs, a competitive workforce and dynamic business environment.

    ZEDA Agency is currently focused on and searching for partners in projects in the following topics:

    – BUSINNES INCUBATOR (business development)
    ZEDA is currently managing a business incubator and technopark with more than 80 tenants, offering them business services and consulting on more than 4000 m2 of useful manufacturing and office space. More than 150 companies are in process or they have finished their process of incubation.

    – COWORKING SPACE (IT, prototyping and creative industry)
    ZEDA hosts Impulse creative center (coworking space) with 6 CNC machines, 3D scanner and 3D printer, licensed SolidWORKS software, FANUC robotic arm and educational space completely equipped with furniture and computers. ICC center hosted several educational cycles in SOLID WORKS, web development, web programming, business and financial education.

    – BUSINNES ZONE (business infrastructure development & networking)
    By the decision of Zenica City Council ZEDA is in charge of Business zone Zenica 1 (greenfield and brownfield locations) which currently inhabits 116 SMEs.

    ZEDA has established a LIND laboratory, which is the first and only laboratory in BiH for testing wood, furniture, joinery and facade elements. Accredited area of testing: furniture for home use, furniture for educational institutions, office furniture, furniture not for domestic use, furniture for outdoor use, children’s furniture, children’s playgrounds.

    – DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS FOR THE CITY (energy efficiency, spatial planning, strategy development, tourism…)
    During 18 years of work, ZEDA has implemented numerous projects with concrete and measurable results, which helped to improve and develop the business environment in City of Zenica.

    More info on

    Carolina SantonjaCarolina Santonja

    Dear Mirza,
    We are contacting from EuroVértice, a Spanish consultancy specialized in European funding with more than 15 years of experience.
    We have been accompanying and helping organizations in their projects for more than 15 years in programs such as H2020, LIFE+, INTERREG and URBACT, among others, that is why we work with all types of clients: public administrations at national, regional and local level, medium and large companies, as well as research/technological centres and universities.

    We found your project idea interesting and believe we could introduce a partner that would be interesting to you, for this we would like to have more information about your proposals in particular, what kind of partners are you looking to collaborate, so we can suggest the best fit for your project.
    Thank you very much in advance for taking the time in reading my message. To facilitate the communication you can contact me by email at

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards


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    Peter JosephPeter Joseph

    Good post!


    is this still going on?

    Mirza SikirićMirza Sikirić

    Yes, it is Sandra, we are always open to new opportunities and new projects. Please reach out if you have some ideas or we could meet just to share information and opportunities.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

    ZEDA Agency

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