Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA interested to join consortium

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    Dijana RadosDijana Rados

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA. Acting as a Regional Development Agency and by cooperating with regional public bodies and local authorities, the Agency has the capacity to influence policies on local and regional level. As a regional coordinator, the Agency is managing assignments and activities of public interest as is defined per Act on regional development of Republic of Croatia.

    ZADRA NOVA team includes experts from various areas – project planning and management, public procurement, strategic planning, finance, law, public office management, communication, culture and environment protection. The staff owns excellent business knowledge and skills, extensive experience in designing key regional and local development strategic documents, preparing and implementing national and EU projects, supporting the development of SMEs and potential investors in Zadar County..

    Agency has a well-trained team working on cross-border/international projects, providing innovative solutions and engaging in public awareness-raising campaigns.

    The thematic scope of the Agency includes strategic planning, SME development, promotion of EE & RES and creation and implementation of development programs according to the objectives of the Zadar County development strategy. Thematic competencies of the Agency have been gathered through the implementation of various projects in the field of tourism as well as of the environment.

    Through the implementation of various projects, ZADRA NOVA creates a network of reliable partners from local governments, institutions, universities, SME’s, associates and EU experts, and strengthens the interregional and cross-border cooperation.

    ZADRA NOVA implemented many relevant projects as LP and as PP:
    We are looking for proposals where we can participate as partners and contribute with our expertise.


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