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    Cultural TourismCultural Tourism

    Wine Tourism can be Sustainable Cultural Tourism. Visitors to wineries and vine yards have a greater awareness of sustainability. Destinations of wine producing regions can develop tourism products and services.
    The proposed project addresses the following issues:
    – role of innovation in the future of wine tourism
    – sustainability of wine tourism and contribution of wine tourism to sustainability
    – opportunities through green and digital transformations to enhance the wine tourism value chain.

    There are 3 key objectives in wine tourism development: Sustainability, Creativity and Communication, with testing of new tourism products.

    Main Outputs: Testing of Innovations, Capacity building, New Wine Tourism Products and Services tested and verified in partner regions

    – Preserving Eno Heritage in all its forms
    – Developing and promoting Wine Tourism with innovations
    – Testing Actions for new Wine Tourism Products and Services
    – Cultural Tourism Synegies exploited
    – Webinars, Thematic Workshops, Study Visits, Training, Capacity Building, Co-creation
    – Dedicated Study Tour (for policy-makers)
    – Staff Exchanges / Peer Reviews
    – Joint Promotion & Exhibitions on wine products
    – Sustainable Cultural Tourism Relaunching based on Wine and Vines (post-pandemic).
    1. Eno Heritage Preservation and Promotion
    2. Wine Tourism Development, Testing, Evaluation and Promotion
    3. Quality on Wine Tourism operations
    4. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism development around wine and vines
    5. Creative Tourism development in Wineries and Vineyards
    6. Stakeholder engagement throughout
    7. Capacity building for partners’ staff, policy makers and key stakeholders, regarding sustainable tourism products development around wine and vines.
    A transnational approach is needed since the issues of Wine Tourism development and promotion are common in the Mediterranean countries and there are important synergies regarding innovations, testing and development for new sustainable tourism products and services, especially in the post-pandemic era.
    The proposed project forms a new, innovative and original effort in Wine Tourism sustainable development in the Med, in terms of involving green and digital transitions, creativity and relevant eco-systems.
    Duration 30 months

    Mia KurtovicMia Kurtovic


    We are Dubrovnik Development Agency Ltd. – DURA, a professional, non-profit organization that was established by the City of Dubrovnik (Croatia) in 2007 with the primary aim to prepare and implement EU-funded projects. DURA is 100% owned by the City of Dubrovnik. The Agency represents a union between the City and other institutions and organizations relevant for sustainable local development.
    DURA has implemented more than 40 national and transnational projects (including projects financed through the Interreg MED program) within different areas of expertise: smart city, cultural heritage, tourism, entrepreneurship, energy efficiency, mobility, civil society, education and sport.
    DURA provides technical support in the preparation of EU-funded projects, nationally-funded project proposals, support in the management and coordination of projects, support for entrepreneurs and NGOs, trainings and preparation of strategic documents.

    We are interested in participating as partners in your proposal.
    To find more about us and our EU projects, and if you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at:,

    Kind regards,



    We are Orange Public Management srl ( and we provide solutions, methodologies and knowhow to public and private bodies for the design, management and monitoring of programs and projects of territorial development, especially funded by the EU. In Puglia (Italy), we are leaders in this market and we can support you to find a public or private partner from our Region. In the website sections you can see our customers portfolio and the projects implemented or in progress, including projects in the field of development of sustainable tourism. If interested, feel free to contact us at

    Kind regards,
    Mariantonietta Pinto

    Fanos TekelasFanos Tekelas

    I am contacting you from the UCLan Cyprus University based in Larnaca region.
    As a university, we have been coordinating several Erasmus+ and Horizon projects and we have been a partner in several consortiums in the past.
    Our University consists of academics and practitioners from several thematic areas such as Entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism, accounting, marketing, HR etc.
    The University has affiliated not-for-profit research centres that focus on research in Entrepreneurship, Sciences and Law.

    The content of your proposal seems very interesting and we are interested in joining your consortium.

    Please contact me if you are interested at Fanos Tekelas

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Andrea GalloAndrea Gallo

    I represent EU Media Srl, the reference in Italy on funding news and opportunities (call for proposals and tenders search engine) for citizens, companies, NGOs and local governments.

    Given our more than ten years expertise in the field of European funds, I would like to propose our client partner in the consortium.
    It is a local representation of the Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professions and Self-Employment, the largest business representation in Italy, gathering more than 700,000 enterprises.
    Our partner represents some provinces in a region of southern Italy, which is in great need of interventions (It intends to promote gastronomic, goldsmith and tourism districts). The project you mentioned, being a great development opportunity in the middle of the Mediterranean, would guarantee special attention since southern Italy is particularly targeted by institutions, including European ones.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me:


    Asja AulisioAsja Aulisio

    Dear All,

    I represent Sys, Systemic Design Lab ( a research group from Politecnico di Torino (Italy), focusing on Systemic Design for Sustainable Territorial Development and Circular Economy.

    We are looking for a consortium to join. As a partner, we might contribute to the project by applying the tools of Systemic Design methodology in the research phase (with our Holistic Diagnosis Tool and Gigamapping process) to understand and visualise the system complexity qualitatively and quantitatively.

    If you are interested in our methodology, here our contacts: and



    I represent Local action group “South Istria”, NGO from Croatia (Istria Region).
    We would like to join as a partner because we find this idea very interesting. We have large number of local stakeholders and wine makers on our territory.

    You can contact us at: (

    Best regards,
    Moira Drandic Pauro

    Bill MitsiosBill Mitsios

    Good morning

    The Development Organisation of Municipality of Larissa, Greece is highly interested in your proposal’s theme and can bring other Greek organisations on board, in case it is needed for partnership purposes. Please send me more info at


    Vasilis Mitsios
    European Initiatives Consultant (PhD, MSc, BSc)
    8th Frixou Str.,41222 Larissa, Greece
    Tel. +30 2411116035
    Mob.+30 6977414819
    Skype ID: billmitsios
    Linkedin ID: Vasilis Mitsios

    Franco Di AndreaFranco Di Andrea

    I’m expressing our interest in joining your research project proposal in Wine Tourism Deveolopment.
    I’m writing on behals of “Ten for sustainability”, an Italian not-for-profit organziation founded, by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in scientific research, training and communciation on environmental sustainability, rational use of energy, renewable energy sources (mechanisms and technologies), on development of sustainable tourism products and services ( on ten pillars to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability, and to valorize cultural and natural heritage both local and global scale.
    We promote scientific, technological cooperation to transfer innovation from the research to the society; communication activities, among others through the development of online and offline communication strategies, media relations, dissemination activities, coordination, planning, and management of institutional communication, event organization.
    Ten for Sustainability members have also a long track-record as regards:
    – research and development of programmes and technologies for the reduction of green-house emissions, the decarbonification of the social-economic systems, through the rationaluse of energy and renewable energy sources, also as a results of shared research endeavors at European level;
    – design and provision of training programmes on specific issues related to environmental sustainability and circular economy, within formal Master Courses provided by Universities, specific professional training courses or courses for adult learners.
    We’ll be glad to provide more information as regards our orgazniation and we’re ready to cooperate in the proposal planning and writing.
    Warm regards,

    for Ten for Sustainability
    Franco DI ANDREA
    Project developer and coordinator


    Development Association NERDA is the NGO from Bosnia and Herzegovina working as a partner in different projects related to economic development. We have a vast experience in the EU/Interreg projects and our expertise is in the areas of tourism, agri-food, metal/wood processing and we also have experience in the circular economy.

    We find the proposed topic of your project interesting and are expressing our interest in joining this consortium.

    For more information, please check our website and contact us at the e-mail
    Looking forward to hearing from you and to the potential cooperation with your institution.

    Best regards,
    NERDA team

    Boyko DoychinovBoyko Doychinov

    Dear Colleagues,
    I am writing on behalf of Regional Cluster “North-East”- Bulgaria, which is a public-private organization uniting various companies, educational institutions and public structures.
    RCNE has experience in the implementation of projects under the Interreg Programs.
    We are interested to get involved as partner because your project idea deals with topics, which are the main activities of RCNE
    Feel free to contact us by email:
    Best regards,
    Yoanna Ivanova

    Desislava MinchevaDesislava Mincheva

    Dear Mr. Doychinov,

    National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide” ( – a destination management tourist organisation, active in the fields of sustainable and smart tourism solutions, cultural heritage valorisation, culinary and wine-tourism tour development, education and entrepreneurship in tourism, innovative solutions and digitalisation, etc., would like to express its interest to the combine efforts and join the consortium of partners. In the years we have established a network of various stakeholders in the fields of winemaking, wine, and culinary tourism in the major wine-growing regions of Bulgaria. As an organization, experienced in transnational and international projects in the field of tourism, we would be glad to add value and contribute to the success of your project, so we ca jointly promote the eno-culinary heritage across Europe.

    Looking forward to hearing form you!

    Best regards,
    Desislava Mincheva

    Natasa BastinacNatasa Bastinac


    We are Tourist Board of the Laktasi (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
    We are founded by the City of Laktasi in 2004 and our goal is promotion and development of Laktasi tourist offer.
    Our team has experience in implementation of EU-funded projects.
    We are interested in participating as partners in your proposal.

    If you are interested for cooperation please contact us at

    Best regards


    Blagoy KlimovBlagoy Klimov

    Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation (BATTI) is the largest association in Bulgaria, focusing on the transfer of technology and innovation. BATTI has a head office in Varna. BATTI’s experts have been involved in more than 60 regional and international projects as a Lead organization and partner funded under Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, COSME, Bulgaria-Romania Cross Border Cooperation Programme, Bulgaria-Greece Cross Border Cooperation Programme, Black Sea Joint Operational Programme, Southeast Europe-Transnational Cooperation programme and different Operational programs in Bulgaria.

    BATTI’s experts have years of experience in running and managing projects covering a wide range of actions including facilitating the public-private interaction, planning issues, capacity building and knowledge transfer for SMEs, companies, developing ICT and cloud technologies, public sector, developing regional and national tourism development plans and environment protection strategies, promoting best practises in business support, providing professional and structured support services stimulating the development of the local economy business sectors, entrepreneurship’s initiatives, cluster’s initiatives, life-long learning, youth activities, immigrants’ integration, social entrepreneurship, empowering disabled people and cross-border cooperation. The highly-skilled team of the association has extensive and varied in-depth experience in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and dissemination of results of projects, both as a leader and a partner organization.

    BATTI may provide established contacts, networks, resources and experience necessary to more than 400 stakeholders in Bulgaria and the region from the public sector, NGOs, SMEs, universities, companies, etc; bringing together actors and stakeholders to facilitate learning, exchange of experience, culturally and economically to further develop existing and create new creative industries within the region and beyond.

    Our project portfolio consists of a broad range of international projects, such as:

    Increasing the Conformance of Academia towards Rehabilitation Engineering (i-Care), Development of Entrepreneurship in the Black Sea Basin (TREASURE), Black Sea Joint Environmental Monitoring and Protection (ALERT), Vocational Education and Training on Product Environmental Management for the Footwear and Textile Sector (EcoTextyle), etc.

    Further participation in the said project will complement the whole cycle of our services, add value to our mission and main activities, will creatively mobilize our resources and further the existing partnerships of BATTI, stimulating the creation of new links. A valuable output for BATTI is the opportunity to expand its internationalization and profit from the challenges of a broader partnership.

    I am attaching a short introduction of BATTI and a PIF to this email. We would also love to learn more about your idea. If you wish to know more, you can visit our website or send us an email. We will be looking forward to your reply and hopefully working together soon!

    If you are interested for cooperation please contact us at:

    Kind regards,

    Mr. Blagoy Klimov, PhD

    Bulgarian Association for Transfer
    of Technology and Innovation (BATTI)

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