Use of Information and Communication Technologies in INTERREG-EUROMED

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    The Interreg Euro-Med 2021-27 draft program (, lists ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) as one of the priorities of innovation actors for the Mediterranean region (page 24-25). Any Interreg Euro-Med project, whatever specific priority or objective targets, will benefit from the exploitation of advanced and cutting edge ICT. The SEIT lab ( recognises this and has developed expertise in a variety of ICT topics that are relevant to Interreg priorities and objective targets, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Technology Enhanced Learning, etc. If you believe that your proposal will benefit from the involvement of ICT, please contact us to discuss ways of cooperation (


    FTSI ( is a national non-profit organization, with headquarters in the Basque Country, the Principality of Asturias and the Autonomous Community of Valencia (Spain). FTSI is specialized in job orientation and counseling, management of internships and provision of training for employment, diagnosis of training needs and recruitment in companies. Our work area also extends to socioeducational programmes, awareness of values, gender, job security, as well as social volunteering. Since 2009 we have been working with long-term unemployed, people at risk of social exclusion, ethnic minorities, immigrants, young people, women and children.

    We also been involved in the development of a 4- hectare sustainable farming system in collaboration with local producers in Muskiz (Basque Country) and have experience in the development of citizen initiatives on circular economy and environmental action.

    FTSI has plenty of experience both at national and trasnational project, if you want to receive further information or think that we are a suitable member for your partnership, please contact us at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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