University of basilicata looking for partners proj. climate change adaptation

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    Biagio PerrettiBiagio Perretti

    Centro di Geomorfologia Integrata per l’Area del Mediterraneo (CGIAM) Basilicata ItaLY
    Center of Integrated Geomorphology for the Mediterranean Area (CGIAM)Basilicata Italy
    In partnership with University of Basilicata. Italy
    We are looking for partners for a project for transfer models and tools for adaptation to climate change in coastal regions for sustainable tourism.
    the project is capitalizing on EU Funded projects: SAVEMEDCOASTS and SAVEMEDCOASTS-2; THEMATIC ADRION.

    The project ACRONIM: MADAME Title: Models and tools for ADAptation to climate change in MEditerranean coasts.
    proposes to transfer models and tools designed for the adaptation to climate change impact in the Mediterranean Coastal Regional Economies.

    Alexandra MarquesAlexandra Marques

    Dear Biagio,

    We are a Portuguese Collaborative Laboratory in Sustainable and Smart Aquaculture – S2AQUAcoLAB, based in the Algarve region.

    We work as an interface entity between research and companies, and we also address climate chances mitigation.
    Furthermore, we work close together with the Algarve Tourism Region Administration.

    We find your project idea to be quite interesting and pertinent, and we would like to contact you to know further details and, eventually, join the consortium.
    Are you still looking for project partners?

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,


    Maria VrasidaMaria Vrasida

    Dear Biagio,
    Deree the American College of Greece is the largest private university in Greece. We have a Centre of Excellence in Food Leisure and Tourism and we would be greatly interested to participate in your project. My PhD is in coastal tourism policies, so apart from the departmental expertise, I have a very strong personal interest and investment in coastal tourism and sustainability.
    We have the ability to mobilize different partners (municipalities, EGTC, Research Institute) should you think it is necessary.

    My name is Maria Vrasida and I am an assistant professor in Tourism and Hospitality management. My first degree is in Architecture and MA in town and regional planning.

    I will be happy to hear from you.
    All the best
    Maria Vrasida

    Tamara PalekaTamara Paleka

    Dear Biagio,
    We are Zadar County Rural Development Agency -AGRRA which is a public institution established by the County of Zadar.It coordinates and implements activities related to the development of the County and follows national and EU strategies with the aim of harmonizing legislation on regional and local level with agricultural and rural development policies. The Agency incites business cooperation and transfer of technological results. We are in charge of international and interregional cooperation, as well as implementation of EU funded projects. Over the years, we have built a solid team with vast expertise in different sectors (international relations, entrepreneurship, tourism, culture, professional training, project management…), so to consolidate a multidisciplinary approach and build a extensive partners network including private and public entities: SMEs in different sectors, Universities, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Agriculture, regional development agencies and other. AGRRA deals with raising awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship, the improvement of entrepreneurial skills and most importantly the promotion and discovery of entrepreneurs of Zadar County. We are a partner on the INTERREG ADRION project CCI4TOURISM which is currently being implemented, and act as a link between local entrepreneurs from cultural and creative industries and the tourism sector and give them the opportunity to promote their products and develop a sustainable business plan. Also, we are partners on the INTERREG ADRION projects ECOWAVES and SMARTRIVER which are closely connected to the thematic of your project idea.AGRRA organizes various workshops and training for existing and future entrepreneurs. AGRRA has sucessfully implemented over 40 national and transnational EU funded projects.
    We are interested in participating as partners in your proposal which is very interesting for us.
    To find more about us and our EU projects please visit, and if you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at:
    Looking forward to your reply


    Dear Biagio,

    I’m writing you in front of the Metal Centre Čakovec, Croatia.

    Metal Centre Čakovec is an institution for research and development in the field of technologies and processes in the metal industry.
    The activities of Metal Centre are focused on research and creation of new applicable knowledge, support for innovative start-up companies in the implementation of innovative ideas, acceleration of technological development, improving the integration of research and business sector and knowledge transfer.

    Metal Centre is equipped with modern 3D printers: 3D printer for plastic – STRATASYS F900 and 3D printer for metal – EOS M 290, 3D optical scanner – ATOS 5 12M XL. Furthermore, we have modern development equipment for the design of IoT systems and a line for surface laying of electronic components (SMT), different software etc.

    With our expertise we could participate in the development or production of a specific product. We can also contribute in the field of various analyses, such as the market, the need to use or improve certain products, etc.
    If you are interested in Croatian partners and see us as an added value for your project, it would be great to discuss further about a potential collaboration.
    We ensure as a co-applicant our commitment, professionalism, reliability, local know- how and networking.

    For more info about us, you can visit our site: and contact me at

    Thank you! Best regards!

    Bill MitsiosBill Mitsios

    Good morning

    The Development Organisation of Municipality of Larissa, Greece is highly interested in your proposal’s theme and can bring other Greek organisations on board, in case it is needed for partnership purposes. Please send me more info at


    Vasilis Mitsios
    European Initiatives Consultant (PhD, MSc, BSc)
    8th Frixou Str.,41222 Larissa, Greece
    Tel. +30 2411116035
    Mob.+30 6977414819
    Skype ID: billmitsios
    Linkedin ID: Vasilis Mitsios


    I represent Local action group “South Istria”, NGO from Croatia (Istria Region).
    We would like to join as a partner.
    Our aim as Local action group is to:
    • promote rural development through local initiatives and partnerships, and improve living and working conditions in rural areas,
    • enable the flow of information and knowledge transfer about the protection of biodiversity, valuation of natural resources and local heritage,
    • develop synergies and networks to the benefit of all those interested in sustainable development

    You can contact us at: (

    Best regards,
    Moira Drandic Pauro

    Giulia TerracianoGiulia Terraciano

    Dear Biagio Peretti, I am contacting you on behalf of the Developia Foundation.
    As the name of the foundation suggests, the main objective is “DEVELOP”, which means Social, Professional and Territorial development.
    Environmental care, sustainable and territorial development is one of the main area of activities that are implemented by the Developia Foundation at regional, national and European level.
    Developia is born from the experience of two very active players in the field of European projects: the SME Geinnova and the NGO instituto ikigai.


    If you are interested, contact me at the following:>

    Marina PavlicMarina Pavlic

    Dear Biagio,
    King ICT is a private ICT system integrator from Zagreb, Croatia, that applies the most modern technological solutions in the field of traffic management. Technical protection of public spaces and people in the area is our core business.
    Our traffic and meteorological technological solutions are applied on Croatian highways (as well as in tunnels and on viaducts and bridges) and in all the largest cities such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar, and we are currently working on the traffic reconstruction of the second largest Croatian city, Split.
    Our desire is to help bring to Croatia some quality projects related to combating climate change, protecting the natural environment, and promoting green living areas, to reduce the impact of traffic on the environment in our environment.
    We also have extensive experience in hydrology and we are also interested in marine protection.
    If you need partners of our profile, please contact me on email address:
    Best regards, M.

    Federica MazzantiFederica Mazzanti

    Dear Biagio,

    I am an EU consultant based in Padova. I have many clients in the field of sustainable tourism that might fit your consortium. I also have contacts abroad for foreign partners to recommend: I would be happy to hear from you and discuss a possible partnership. You can write me at

    Kind regards,

    Federica MazzantiFederica Mazzanti


    Dear Biagio,

    I am an EU consultant based in Padova. I have many clients in the field of sustainable tourism that might fit your consortium. I also have contacts abroad for foreign partners to recommend: I would be happy to hear from you and discuss a possible partnership. You can write me at

    Kind regards,

    Laetitia AmiotLaetitia Amiot

    Dear Biagio Perretti;
    TVT Innovation, French Economic development agency of the metropolitain area Toulon Provence Méditerranée (South region) & business Innovation center could be interested in the transfer models you want to work on concerning climate change in coastal regions. It would maybe align with our Smart City Lab & eco-innovation activities.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us on if you are looking for a French partner with strong experience in EU projects.
    Kind regards,
    Laetitia AMIOT
    TVT Innovation

    Yosra BenabdellahYosra Benabdellah

    My name is Yosra and I am reaching out on behalf of the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar, located in the southeast of Spain. The city is renowned for its vibrant tourism industry, being one of the most important cities in the province of Almeria.
    As a local public entity, the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar is interested in fostering partnerships and collaborations that promote sustainability and enrich the tourism experience for visitors and residents alike. With extensive experience in working with international partners on European projects, they are keen to explore potential collaborations with your organization.
    The local entity expertise lies in areas such as eco-tourism, community engagement, and sustainable development planning.

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly at

    Mario ShahiniMario Shahini

    Dear Biagio,

    I am writing on behalf of the Regional Council Durres, a regional public authority covering 3 municipalities in Albania, with a successful and vast experience of participating in EU
    projects. Our institution is involved in implementing sustainable economy, tourism and environmental policies at a regional level, therefore making your project idea very beneficial and relevant to our region . Please do not hesitate to contact me at for further communications in case you are interested in having a public institution partner from Albania in your consortium.

    Best regards

    Mario Shahini

    Danilo CrastollaDanilo Crastolla


    I saw your post in the partner search tool .
    If like your proposal and I will be delighted to supply to you ITALIAN and GREEK partners.
    On the other hand stay tuned because we can cooperate for many other calls and programmes for which we are working with. If you agree send me an email to and i can share all partner’s details.

    We can also cooperate for any EU calls including Interreg Europe, Next Med, Euro Med, Cerv, Daphne, Crea, Horizon etc

    Best regards
    Danilo Crastolla
    0039 371 4482444

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