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    Dear all,

    Town Ludbreg is planning to submit project proposal regarding green living areas.
    Short description of the project is below and if you are interested in join the consortium feel free to contact me on email

    Title of the project: Mitigation of pollution by creating green areas in small Mediterranean towns
    Mission: Green living areas
    Priority: Greener Mediterranean
    S.O.: 2.4. Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account eco-system-based approaches
    Duration of the project: 24 months

    Short description of the project idea:
    A study published by The Lancet Planetary Health, with information obtained from thousands of European cities, estimates that 43,000 deaths per year are caused by a lack of green spaces. Green spaces in cities mitigate the effects of pollution and can reduce a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect, which refers to heat trapped in built-up areas. The urban heat island effect appears in towns and cities as a result of human activity. The heat generated by people, transport, shops and industry is trapped in the narrow roads and concrete structures, unable to escape to the atmosphere. This can bring the temperature in urban areas up 3-4°C higher than the surrounding countryside, and with that comes a vicious cycle.
    Within this project we want:
    -Improve living quality of life in the Mediterranean small cities
    -Reduce CO2 emissions
    -Develop and establish smart solution for measuring reduction of CO2 emissions
    -Develop cleaner environment through urban planning with a focus on the three main topics (greening, mobility and lifestyle)
    -Reinforced citizens engagement for more sustainable living area
    Main project results:
    -increasing the number of green areas in cities with well-organized infrastructure
    -developed application for measuring reduction of CO2 emissions
    -developed Action plan that will contribute to more effective implementation of existing policies, and to improve more climate-resilient urban living areas

    roberto grassiroberto grassi

    Hello Nikolina
    I am interested.
    Can we have a short call to better understand the idea and see how we can collaborate?
    many thanks!

    Vanja CencičVanja Cencič

    Dear Nikolina,

    I have read your project proposal which I find very interesting.

    Goriška Local Energy Agency from Slovenia has a vast experience in the related topic and works with several towns and municipalities accross the Primorska region. Please find the link to GOLEA’s webpage for more info about our activities:

    If you are still searching for partners I would be glad to discuss more on phone, skype or e-mail (

    Kind regards,

    Katia ChiriattiKatia Chiriatti

    Dear Nikolina,
    The Italian National Energy Technological Cluster, composed by universities, research centres and private companies is involved in different international and national projects on energy-environmental issues. We are also working with municipalities about specific energy topics. Your project idea is interesting and if you need a partner from Southern Italy, please contact me
    Best Regards
    Katia Chiriatti

    Todorka AtanasovaTodorka Atanasova


    We are writing you from Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) in Bulgaria –,

    This is to state our interest to join the project consortium. We have experience in realization of multinational projects funded under the H2020, JOP Black Sea Basin, Interreg Danube, Erasmus+, and others. We were a National Contact Point for EU CIP Eco-Innovation Progranmme.

    One of the implemented projects with VEDA participation refers to the idea of the green living areas (SEE/D/0320/4.1/X BUILD SEE – “Addressing the divide between EU indications and their practical implementation in the green construction and eco-social re-qualification of residential areas in Southeast Europe regions”)

    We will be glad to cooperate with you.

    Kind regards,
    Todorka Dimitrova

    Angelos ParmatziasAngelos Parmatzias

    We are interested in your project, please contact us

    C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is a non-profit, educational and research organization. CIP constitutes a leading organization in Cyprus in global education, social innovation, citizen engagement, entrepreneurship, STEM, IoT, AI, clean energy and sustainable growth. CIP has been running more than 70 EU-funded projects, including KA2 & KA3 actions, AMIF, ENI CBC Med, COSME and Horizon Europe.

    Contact us at

    Larisa VodebLarisa Vodeb

    Dear Nikola,
    Your project idea seems very attractive and interesting, our association of gardeners and florist within the Chamber of Craft and Small business is very interested to be part of the further development of the project. I would appreciate if we can have a short talk. My contacts:
    KR Larisa

    Alenka PograjcAlenka Pograjc

    Dear Ms. Nemec,

    Municipality of Piran is very interested in your project. We already have quite a developed idea that coincides with your project.

    If you are still looking for partners we would like to join. Municipality of Piran is small Mediterranea town with long exeperience in EU project, especially Interreg. Our project team has experience in sustainable planning, culutrual and natural conservation and tourism.

    Our contact:

    For more information see our web page:

    Project office of Municipality of Piran

    Maria TsagkatakiMaria Tsagkataki

    Dear Nikolina,

    The Municipality of Heraklion is interested to be a partner in your proposal. We would like to have more information and details on the development of your project idea.

    Heraklion is the capital of Crete, one of the most economically active towns in the wider region. Also is fourth largest city in Greece. According to the results of the 2021 census, the municipality’s population is 157.452 people.

    In March 2011, the Municipality of Heraklion signed the Mayors’ Pact, which is an ambitious initiative to involve local authorities and citizens in reducing energy consumption, saving resources and upgrading the quality of life of citizens. This European Commission’s main objective is to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020. For this purpose, the Sustainable Energy Action Plan was developed as a tool for identifying and certifying the energy policy of the Municipality and its intention to achieve the above objective. The participation of the Municipality of Heraklion following the proposal of the Energy Centre of the Region of Crete for the Covenant Capacity project, co-funded by the Europe – Intelligent Energy Program, is an important part of the training of the SDAE and aims to support the development of Action Plans On Sustainable Energy in Europe. In recent years, institutional players in the city, as well as public and private organisations have worked together more closely to promote and capitalise on the benefits of the city. Heraklion has an economy with comparative advantages in the agro-food sector and tourism. Emerging sectors of the economy are the Environment / Energy and innovation / new technologies sectors.

    The Heraklion Municipality is currently implementing many projects regarding energy efficiency in public buildy, transportation. Since this is a priority for the municipality, we consider your proposal an assent to the strategic orientation.

    To be able to consider possible collaboration please contact us on


    Maria Tsagkataki

    Municipality of Heraklion Crete
    Directorate of Planning, Programming and ICT
    European Programmes Dept.
    66, Ikarou Av., Crete, Greece
    tel. 0030 2813409199, 0030 2813409221

    gaetano volpegaetano volpe

    Dear Nikolina,

    you project it’s extremely interesting and in line with other project we are working on. We are latitudo 40 and we created an Urban Data Platform powered by Satellite Data / AI /Geospatial analysis. We are working with several cities in the EU and Canada to support the greenery planning and to identify risk of the city. Can we joint your consortium? If you want we can have a short call

    Gaetano Volpe
    Latitudo 40
    +39 3355797883

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