Tourism and mediterranean diet products – consortium

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    Caroline TafaniCaroline Tafani

    Dear all,
    we (University of Corsica) intend to coordinate or participate to a project about tourism and circular economy : our idea is to discuss the reconnexion between tourism and local agri-food systems within the european, national and regional frameworks. We are looking for new partners. Please, let me know if you are interested:

    Serafim KontosSerafim Kontos

    Greetings, I am Serafim Kontos, Researcher from the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Greece. Our expertise is on analysis and predictions of environmental information related to climate, energy and air quality, and on the respective impacts on human health and public sectors. We are interested to join a consortium as partners.

    You can contact me at

    Leandro OliveiraLeandro Oliveira


    I’m a nutritionist and researcher at the CBIOS – Universidade Lusófona’s Research Center for Biosciences & Health Technologies (Portugal).
    CBIOS currently is operating in five research domains – Natural Bioactives, Development of Delivery Systems, Pharmacology, and Molecular Mechanisms, Modeling Systems, and Nutrition and Health Promotion.

    I think this topic can be very interesting for our research objectives, and we can make a significant contribution as a partner to the consortium, as we bring together expertise in the areas of health, nutrition, and Food Science.

    Thanks in advance,We could have an interesting contribution, for example, to the development of new products, valorisation of bioactive compounds, promotion of a healthy diet, reduction of food waste…

    Thanks in advance,
    Leandro Oliveira

    Andrea GalloAndrea Gallo
    Participant is the reference in Italy on funding news and opportunities (grants and tenders search engine) for citizens, companies, NGOs and local governments.
    The media has more than 77.000 users registered and in 2021 reached 6mln page/views
    Main activities:
    – Information and dissemination services – Search engine, news, newsletter, customized newsletters, funding and business intelligence
    – Events organization about policies and funding opportunities, involving Italian government representatives and european institutions

    We are available for carrying out communication activities within the consortium.

    For any further information, you can email me at the following address:

    Natasha ZarankovaNatasha Zarankova

    Dear Mrs. Tafani,
    We are Business Incubator – Gotse Delchev, Bulgarian non-for-profit, with experience in both areas – sustainable tourism and agri-food sector, applying cross-sectoral approach in our activities, and building synergies with the local communities, incl. based on socio-cultural authenticity, environmental and economic systems. Furthermore, BIGD is working in the field of social economy, growing competences in social entrepreneurship and educating greener entrepreneurs. We have more than 20 years of experience in implementing EU funded projects (H2020, Interreg – DTP, CBC, Interreg IVC, national OP, etc.) and are open for new collaborations. Feel free to contact us:

    Karmen KutnjakKarmen Kutnjak

    Dear Ms Tafani,

    Centre for Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial support institution established by Dubrovnik Neretva region; managing two business incubators (Dubrovnik and Ploče) in addition to providing full support to young and entrepreneurs to be. Centre mentors and supports entrepreneurs through all stages of the business life cycle, from the idea creation and its development, to the exposure on the open market and further growth.
    The main focus of the Centre is to support clients in pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions, providing business plans, feasibility studies, education, counselling, mentoring, as well as preparation and implementation of projects on national tenders.
    The basic activities of the Centre are organized in two departments:
    – Department of Entrepreneurial Support
    – Department for Support in Agriculture and Rural Development.
    We are looking to join an international consortium as a project partner. The greatest assets of the Centre are a wide reach to SME’s nationally and internationally, two decades of successful business education execution experience and commercial expansion. We find that our greatest contribution to the consortium would be the extensive experience on innovative business models, training and coaching. Feel free to reach us via email:

    Best regards,
    Karmen Kutnjak
    Centre for entrepreneurship


    Dear Caroline,
    I have just sent you an e-mail about our organization’s (PSP) interest in your proposal.
    Kind regards from Patras, Greece
    P. Konstantinopoulos

    Anna PeltegovaAnna Peltegova

    Dear Ms. Tafani,

    We, at Bulgarian Management Association, are interested to join the project developed by your organization. We would be glad to provide you with information on our project experience in tourism upon your request. Our contact e-mail is:

    With kind regards,
    Anna Peltegova
    Bulgarian Management Association

    Daniela FattoriDaniela Fattori

    Dear Caroline,
    I write on behalf of Parco Romano Biodistretto (private organization devoted to promotion of km 0 agrifood)/Tor Vergata Universtiy of Roma, Italy.

    we are interested in joining projects whose output could be among the following:

    – Solutions improving the connection between eco-natural systems and agriculture systems, promoting the cultivation of native variety species and ancient cultivars facilitating sustainable tourism development.

    – Solutions for the effective change in tourism practices promoting sustainable destinations and “responsible tourism” practices.
    Promoting the local farmers and the traditional food at the farmer’s markets as a highly appreciated destination concerning “responsible” tourism items.

    – Promote scientific dissemination events with food and wine tastings in collaboration between university botanical gardens and farmers’ markets to promote the ancient agri-food variety and the traditional cultivars.

    My contact details:

    Kind regards,


    Davide DestroDavide Destro

    Hello Caroline,
    I’m Davide, representing Eduforma Srl team from Padua, Italy.
    We are very interested in your idea and will be happy to contact you for potential collaboration.
    Our company, Eduforma srl, is a training and management consulting company, we got accredited by the Veneto Region as an Educational Center for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, we are specialized in the area of HR development and VET Education.
    Eduforma is also involved in the production, import and marketing of software and IT solutions.
    We have experience with various EU financing programmes, ESF+, Erasmus+, EASI and Interreg Europe, Central Europe, Italy-Croatia, Italy-Slovenia and ADRION, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.
    We also worked on developing innovative online training tools for young managers on interdisciplinary subjects and fostering new social startups.
    Our more recent projects are Eramsus+ KA2, they focus on themes like Green, Social and STREAM Entrepreneurship, in particular we have worked on the specific theme of Circular Economy with the project EGE (Empowering Green Entrepreneurship). Sustainability and tourism are themes that we are very interested in, also because our region Veneto has a lot of highly touristic spots, in which eno-gastronomic dimension is very relevant.
    To find more about us and our EU projects, and if you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at

    Maria VrasidaMaria Vrasida

    Dear Caroline,
    My name is Maria Vrasida and I am an assistant professor of Tourism and Hospitality in Deree The American College of Greece. Our Department Emphasizes on Tourism Sustainability and Sports. We have a special lab on food marketing and very strong tie with the market and the tourism business sector. I would be more than happy to provide any additional information. my mail is

    Also note that I have extensive expertise in proposal writing and I can be of assistance should you require it.
    all the best
    Dr. Maria Vrasida

    Nuno CarvalhoNuno Carvalho


    I represent a Portuguese Municipality that is interested in joining a consortium like yours.
    If you are interested please contact me:

    Alexandra MarquesAlexandra Marques

    Dear Caroline,

    We are a Portuguese Collaborative Laboratory in Sustainable and Smart Aquaculture – S2AQUAcoLAB, based in the Algarve region.

    We work as an interface entity between research and companies, and we also address mediterranean diet products.
    Furthermore, we work close together with the Algarve Tourism Region Administration.

    We find your project idea to be quite interesting and pertinent, and we would like to contact you to know further details and, eventually, join the consortium.
    Are you still looking for project partners?

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,


    Franco Di AndreaFranco Di Andrea

    I’m expressing our interest in joining your project proposal.
    I’m writing on behals of “Ten for sustainability”, an Italian not-for-profit organziation founded, by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in scientific research, training and communciation on environmental sustainability, rational use of energy, renewable energy sources (mechanisms and technologies), on development of sustainable tourism products and services ( on ten pillars to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability, and to valorize cultural and natural heritage both local and global scale.
    We promote scientific, technological cooperation to transfer innovation from the research to the society; communication activities, among others through the development of online and offline communication strategies, media relations, dissemination activities, coordination, planning, and management of institutional communication, event organization.
    Ten for Sustainability members have also a long track-record as regards:
    – research and development of programmes and technologies for the reduction of green-house emissions, the decarbonification of the social-economic systems, through the rationaluse of energy and renewable energy sources, also as a results of shared research endeavors at European level;
    – design and provision of training programmes on specific issues related to environmental sustainability and circular economy, within formal Master Courses provided by Universities, specific professional training courses or courses for adult learners.
    We’ll be glad to provide more information as regards our orgazniation and we’re ready to cooperate in the proposal planning and writing.
    Warm regards,

    for Ten for Sustainability
    Franco DI ANDREA
    Project developer and coordinator

    Jimmy MagroJimmy Magro

    The Olive Growers Cooperative Limited is highly interested to join the project that can promote the Mediterranean diet and link this to tourism and olive sector tourism. We believe that giving importance to the olive sector will be an added value to the project since most of the countries of the MED area are all olive growers and is important for their economy. I shall send you an email direct to mailbox for this purpose too. Regards, Jimmy Magro, President

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