Tools and practices to monitor and manage natural disasters and risks

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    Nataša OsrečkiNataša Osrečki

    We are preparing a project proposal (type: Test) on the topic of harmonisation of tools and practices to prevent, monitor and manage natural disasters and risks induced by human activities, particularly related to FIRES, SEARCH AND RESCUES MISSIONS.
    In addition to the action plans and strategic documentation for harmonization of practices, we are developing a smart software tool for relevant authorities, which will have multiple functions: prevention, mitigation, prediction, communication. The smart georeferenced visualization tool will be supported by dynamic information (drones, ICT, sensors, meteo) and other static localized information.
    We are looking for partners in the segment of FIREFIGHTING, CIVIL PROTECTION, MANAGEMENT BODIES of protected areas which are authorized for preventive actions and would be able to utilize our solution; SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTIONS with the know how in METEOROLOGY/FIRE PROPAGATION MODELS and similar.

    Thank you, best regards,
    Natasa Osrecki


    Hello Natasa
    We are interested in this project idea, please feel free to send us more information at

    Kind regards,


    Dear Natasa
    We, CYDRONES IoT SOLUTION Ltd, are a cutting-edge technology Start-Up company based in CYPRUS specializing in designing Drones and designing innovative solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain technologies that collect, process, and manage data for decision making and action routing. I would like to express our interest in your project, and we would like to get to know more information about your project idea. We would be very interested to collaborate and use drones, or Internet of Things (IoT) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Blockchain technologies in your project.

    Michael Giorgallas

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    gaetano volpegaetano volpe

    Hi Natasa,

    this is Gaetano from Latitudo 40. Latitudo40 offers an innovative Urban Data Platform that uses satellite imagery (SAR and optical) to create a digital twin of the city, identifying trends (urbanisation, green areas, heat islands, cooling capacity, Co2 sequestration) and environmental and hydrogeological risks. The data collected is transformed into comparable urban quality indices, useful for planning improvement actions and monitoring the achievement of sustainability, resilience and quality of life objectives. A powerful tool that simplifies the use of remote sensing in urban and environmental planning, with the ability to use a simulation tool (based on ML/AI) to predict the future effects of current choices.
    If you want we can join your proposal with our capabilities

    aetano Volpe
    LATITUDO40 – A Techstars_ Portfolio Company

    +39 3355797883
    Latitudo 40 S.r.l. Via Gianturco 31/C 80138 – Napoli – ITALY

    erica Cretaioerica Cretaio

    Hi Natasa,
    ARC Applied Research Center (Centro Ricerche Applicate) is an Italian tech company focused on sensing and biosensing research and industrial development. ARC designed and tested a contactless explosive trace detector able to continuously monitor air samples recovered from suspicious surfaces. The system is based on ARC multi-probes sensors to detect several different explosive molecules families and taggants in the same air sample without any contact with the object to be analysed.The automatic air sampler can readily be applied to other sensing applications in which volatile target molecules are involved, and its size can be tailored to fit portable and handheld devices.
    ARC- Centro Ricerche Applicate s.r.l.

    Balkan BridgeBalkan Bridge

    Dear Natasa,

    We from Balkan Bridge Bulgaria would like to indicate our interest. More about us:
    We are actively engaged in European funded projects across many sectors. Our organisation aims bringing the Balkans societies together covering the gaps of the Balkan area in terms of professional training, networking and research activities with the goal to transform Balkans to a sustainable ecosystem with a highly skilled human capital and businesses able to adapt to the needs of the society and the global trends.

    In order to achieve our goals, we from Balkan Bridge provide consultancy services, training for the improvement of professional skills to individuals and corporate training for businesses in order to achieve teams’ growth and empowerment.

    Within this context, the main target groups of Balkan Bridge are:

    Individuals (incl. minorities such as migrants and refugees)
    SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)
    Educational Institutes
    Policy Makers

    Our professional attitude, along with the experience in the implementation of European projects and wide stakeholders list can contribute to your initiative bringing added value.

    Our website:
    Contact us on:

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