The NAVIGO yacht cluster is available to be involved in a tourism project

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    NAVIGO is the largest network of nautical companies in Italy, and one of the most important in Europe.

    Born in 2007 as one of Tuscany’s first service centers for yachting, NAVIGO is a benchmark and a point of reference for the industry. A deep understanding of the industry and a team of flexible and competent partners and employees have allowed NAVIGO to flourish into a point of reference for companies and individuals in the industry and into a paragon for the industry in other regions of Italy.

    On behalf of the Region of Tuscany, NAVIGO coordinates the network of Tuscan nautical centers through RETE PENTA and organizes YARE (Yachting Aftersales and Refit Experience), one of the most important international business events in the yachting industry. It also manages ISYL Foundation, the training School for the future Captains and yachting industry experts. Over 350 industry companies are associated with RETE PENTA and around 150 are part of Navigo, including major shipyards and suppliers in the area, yacht managers, ground and quay service companies, ports, and major industry associations.

    2013 saw the launch of NAVIGO SARDEGNA, a sister company to NAVIGO and a conglomerate of organisations in the service and concierge industry.

    NAVIGO is a partner of the ITALIAN NATIONAL TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER 2020. It participates at the WG MARE table, building technological roadmaps for the CLUSTER related to PNR, MUIR, and European sector programs.

    Navigo is available to participate in a project on sustainable tourism, making available its deep experience in the nautical sector and that in European design. In fact, Navigo has already participated in numerous European projects of the following programs: Interreg Italia Francia Marittimo, COSME, HORIZON2020, ERASMUS, EMFF.


    Dear Mr. Paolicchi,
    we are preparing a proposal in “Sustainable Tourism” related to Cultural Heritage and we would like to discuss with you possibilities for NAVIGO to join our proposal.

    Please, contact me directly through: tzifopanopoulos (at)

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