Testing a Decision Support System to decision-making on coastal protection

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    Alessandro GrecoAlessandro Greco

    The following project concept is being proposed by the University of Calabria (Italy) supported technically by the Italian ICT company Sistemi Territoriali s.r.l., both partners of VEROCOST, a R&D project:

    We are searching for potential partner being an environmental and coastal protection policy holder or capable of influencing such type of policy.

    For ease of communication,. expression of interest to participate in the project, made by a , should be addressed to:
    Alessandro Greco, Sistemi Territoriali s.r.l. –
    with copy to:
    Prof. Rosanna De Rosa, Università della Calabria –

    Thematic project : TESTING
    Priority: 2. Greener Mediterranean
    S.O. 2.4 Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account eco-system-based approaches

    As stated by the European policy Integrated Coastal Zone Management ICZM, Coastal areas are among the most vulnerable concerning climate change and natural hazards. At the same time, they often represent very rich cultural and natural heritage sites. As such, a dedicated European Directive exists, which establishes a framework for maritime spatial planning, aiming at contributing to the sustainable development of maritime related sectors and the preservation, protection and improvement of the coastal environment, including resilience to climate change impacts.

    In line with this increased focus on the conservation of coastal environments, the main objective of the project idea here being proposed is to provide an adequate policy instrument that can assist in increasing the resilience of the natural heritage of coastal areas against the broad consequences of climate change, natural hazards and human impacts. The achievement of this objective relies on an integrated strategy aiming to empower local communities, especially with respect to water and territorial system management.

    The project is based on the previous results of National and Regional projects implemented in Calabria region (Italy), the most recent one being VEROCOST; the project results allow us to fine-tune a decision support system that succeeds – with multi-criteria and cost-benefit analyses – in suggesting priority areas for intervention following a scientific and objective approach. On this basis, the project is organized in two interrelated phases.

    The first phase includes two main activity packages: (1) The ex-ante, state of the art assessment to offer a general overview of existing instruments for transfer to the partner regions; (2) the identification and formulation of actions devoted to testing the SSD instrument as well as identifying and sharing good solutions (as well as pointing at existing bad solutions) for the implementation of tailored policy measures. The process of knowledge sharing among partners and stakeholders that characterise this first stage of the project should lead to the elaboration of specific solutions in the form of Action Plans (APs) aimed at inspiring regional policies toward interventions that increase the resilience of these territories.

    A second phase follows afterwards, focusing more specifically on monitoring the AP implementation start-up from each partner region. This last stage is expected to deliver significant advantages to all partners participating in the project via a beneficial impact on both economic growth and job creation. This latter effect will impact local economies both directly, thanks to increasing expected investments for preserving the existing heritage, and indirectly, via higher resilience and a lower vulnerability to damages during critical events.

    Andrea GalloAndrea Gallo

    Buongiorno Alessandro,
    le ho mandato una mail. Se non dovesse averla ricevuta correttamente, la pregherei di verificare anche nella cartella Spam.

    Attendo suo riscontro,

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