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    This is a partnering offer. Laboratory for Renewable Energy Systems at UNIZG-FER ( ) offers the expertise in mathematical optimization for optimal investment sizing, short-term-ahead operations planning or prediction of certain time-dependent/weather-dependent variables, for green technical solutions and infrastructure. Within the optimizations we can consider also demand response behaviour in a specific set-up. Application in real-time environment as model predictive control in a receding horizon fashion is also possible but is subject to available IT infrastructure which needs to be put in place through a potential piloting activity.

    Interreg experience: we are coordinators of the finished 3Smart project (Interreg Danube 2014-20, ) dealing with optimization in buildings and infrastructure and a partner in the following current Interreg projects: DanuP-2-Gas (Interreg Danube 2014-20, ) where we deal with power-to-gas hub investment optimal sizing software; and Store4HUC (Interreg Central Europe 2014-20, ) where we have created a PV+battery-system add-on optimal sizing tool for an end-consumer and a tool for day-ahead optimal scheduling of a heat source connected to a heat storage.

    EU framework programmes experience: Prediction of water demands in different points in the distribution network within FP7 UrbanWater ; predictive control and optimization in management and coordination of entities in the urban water cycle: freshwater treatment plant, water distribution system, sewerage network and wastewater treatment plant within the H2020 project REWAISE (

    Other EU projects: Prediction and optimisation of crop growth in smart agriculture and climate changes, with artificial intelligence in weather forecasting as part of ERDF grant AgroSPARC (

    Within the scope of an Interreg project we usually perform an optimization software solution design applicable to be readily used by an end-user. We apply it and test it to support piloting activities or to support build-up of transnational strategies by providing quantitative outputs of the optimization software applied in different transnational set-ups as well as the analyses of these outputs.

    If interested, feel free to contact us at .

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