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    Đorđe GrujicicĐorđe Grujicic

    Smart village Knežica DIH is a centralized space that helps, agricultural producers from the region of Prijedor in Republic of Srpska, in a broader sense to become more competitive in terms of their business / production processes, products or services using digital technologies.
    The village is located in the beautiful fertile valley of Knežopolje, surrounded by the slopes of the mountain Kozara. It has a unique cultural and historical heritage. The heart of Smart Village is a completely reconstructed small ethno-village, built in a typical Dinaric style, with authentic buildings, tools and artifacts. The new infrastructure of Smart Village will rely on it, taking care to preserve its authenticity, but make it more interesting with its infrastructure – trails, gardens, demo grounds and buildings.
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    If you are looking for an experienced IPA partner from BiH, feel free to contact us

    George VarthalamisGeorge Varthalamis


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