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    Smart RI Ltd. (Rijeka, Croatia) is the coordinator of the Center of Competence for Smart Cities, a three-year project of national importance, and at the same time the most significant development project in Croatia in the information and communication solutions field, IoT applications, and other technology developments aimed at improving the quality of the life of citizens.

    We are an experienced project management body, working with 20 partners on over 30 innovative products catering to different areas of smart city development like energy efficiency, urban sustainability, waste management, CO2 footprint reduction, citizen safety, environmentally efficient traffic solutions, and sharing economy, etc.

    Furthermore, within the management function, Smart RI Ltd. provides administrative, organizational, and logistic support to other CEKOM members. Smart RI coordinates all the implementation activities of the research and development sector on the operational management level. At the same time, identifying priority activities, coordinating scientific research activities with the needs of industrial production, harmonizing requirements and opportunities, and offering optimal solutions for the achievement of the project results.
    Besides extensive experience in project management, we also have valuable experience in project communication and visibility.

    We believe we would be a valuable partner in innovation and sustainability projects.

    Please feel free to contact us @:

    Nenad Antolović,
    Emira Brkić Karninčić,

    Anabela RebeloAnabela Rebelo

    My name is Anabela, i work at the muncipality of Vila Real, Portugal. we want to join in a consortion to reduce the waste in the lanfield, for that, we pretend to implement Pay-As-You-Throw” (PAYT) systems because it are a clear financial incentive for citizens to promote separation at source and increase selective collection rates. It is therefore a fairer method that promotes a reduction in the undifferentiated fraction produced by each citizen and an increase in the separation of recyclable waste.

    Municipalities will pay for USW services according to the amount of waste they produce, under the motto “The more you pollute, the more you pay”.

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