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    Roxani GatsiRoxani Gatsi

    Skolix is an edible insect farm in Edessa, a highly agricultural area North of Greece.
    In particular we breed mealworms (Tenebrio molitor), based on a sustainable, circular model, utilizing regional agricultural (and other) bio-waste while applying insect manure (frass) as soil-improver/bio-fertilizer. Insects are a natural food source, rich in nutrients, ideal as dietary supplements for animals and human. They provide a sustainable solution to the global demand for alternative proteins. We would like to extend our research and product portfolio by joining a consortium.
    or more info visit us at:

    Svetoslav KyosevSvetoslav Kyosev

    Hello Roxani,

    I am interested in future collaboration with you.

    I have bio trees of wallnuts about 25 hectars and your idea seems to be good opportunity for new experience.

    Sincerely yours,
    Svetoslav KYOSEV
    Founder @RoBgteam
    Project manager, Municipality Silistra
    Expert crossborder projects, Municipality Svishtov
    Project manager, Municipality Tutrakan
    President – Youth Organization for European Silistra
    Vice President – Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania
    Member of the Managing board – Tourist Fishing Club SIlistra
    Mediator, Ministry of Justice, Bulgaria, License 20120918003
    Romanian-Bulgarian Translator, Ministry of Justice, Romania, License 30344
    Bulgarian-Romanian Translator, Ministry of foreign affairs, Bulgaria

    Mail: /
    Mobile: BG +359 888 12 00 06 (Viber / WhatsApp)

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