SEIT lab – University of Cyprus – ICT expert – interest to join consortium

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    Georgia KapitsakiGeorgia Kapitsaki

    The Software Engineering and Internet Technologies Laboratory ( lab is an ICT expert with experience in Interreg projects, it focuses on:
    – Software Engineering and Internet Technologies development and research activities.
    Some more specific areas:
    – Service Oriented Architectures, Context-Aware Middleware Platforms, Smart and Mobile Computing
    – Open Source Software and Empirical Software Engineering
    – development of ICT-enabled Environments, platforms and tools
    – Privacy Enhancing Technologies

    We are interested in joining a consortium, where we can help in designing and implementing smart technological solutions with a focus on the end-user and privacy protection.

    Greg BjornGreg Bjorn

    I’ve been working with a lot of startups lately, and I’ve noticed that they have a common problem: they have to write their own APIs. It’s very hard to find a platform that will do that for you, but that’s why ProcessMIX is so good! With the easy-to-use API builder, you can integrate your company’s software with any other application. You can take a closer look at to see what to work with.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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