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    George StampoulisGeorge Stampoulis

    Dear Colleagues

    The Institute for Sustainability and Growth (INBIAN) from Greece, intends to submit a proposal for the call related to priority 1, expected around June 2022.

    The main idea of the project is to support SMEs and Public Organisations for improving their managerial and innovation capacity

    We are looking for partners mainly from Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia

    Interested organisations are requested to contact INBIAN (

    Kind regards
    George Stampoulis


    Hi, I’m Albert Marku, project manager at the Center for Community Development, based in Tirana, Albania. Our organization was created in 2004 and has been increasing year by year with organizational, technical and financial capacity and has developed many projects, where all of these projects have based their methodology on European Union policies and programs.
    We have extensive experience in the implementation of projects where these projects are funded by local Ministries and Ngo’s which have experience with such programs. We think that your chosen topic fits quite well with the needs of our community.

    On behalf of the organization, we express interest in being a partner in your project-proposal, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the required and professional deadline of your application within the framework of a successful one.

    Hoping in a reply, we are also sending our PIF via email (

    Tsvetelina NedevaTsvetelina Nedeva

    Hi, I am Tsvetelina Nedeva and I am from NGO from Bulgaria. We have huge experience in organisation, coordination and implementation of projects funded by Interreg Europe. We are interested in being a partner, let me know what email I can use for contact with you.

    Best regards,
    Tsvetelina Nedeva



    We are a body governed by public law, a local action group and a network made of 59 municipalities and many private professional associations and organization with the aim of local development of a rural area in Italy (Molise Region)
    We have long term experience on Interreg projects as partner and lead partner too and about innovation transfer.
    We can also support you in finding reliable partners from other countries.
    For further info please contact us at

    Adolfo Colagiovanni

    Dijana RadosDijana Rados

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA. Acting as a Regional Development Agency and by cooperating with regional public bodies and local authorities, the Agency has the capacity to influence policies on local and regional level. As a regional coordinator, the Agency is managing assignments and activities of public interest as is defined per Act on regional development of Republic of Croatia.

    ZADRA NOVA team includes experts from various areas – project planning and management, public procurement, strategic planning, finance, law, public office management, communication, culture and environment protection. The staff owns excellent business knowledge and skills, extensive experience in designing key regional and local development strategic documents, preparing and implementing national and EU projects, supporting the development of SMEs and potential investors in Zadar County..

    Agency has a well-trained team working on cross-border/international projects, providing innovative solutions and engaging in public awareness-raising campaigns.

    Thematic competencies of the Agency have been gathered through the implementation of various projects in the field of tourism as well as of the environment.

    Through the implementation of various projects, ZADRA NOVA creates a network of reliable partners from local governments, institutions, universities, SME’s, associates and EU experts, and strengthens the interregional and cross-border cooperation.

    Our Agency is very interested in being your partner in this project. We look forward to further cooperation.

    Best regards

    Dijana Rados

    Andrea GalloAndrea Gallo
    Participant is the reference in Italy on funding news and opportunities (grants and tenders search engine) for citizens, companies, NGOs and local governments.
    The media has more than 77.000 users registered and in 2021 reached 6mln page/views
    Main activities:
    – Information and dissemination services – Search engine, news, newsletter, customized newsletters, funding and business intelligence
    – Events organization about policies and funding opportunities, involving Italian government representatives and european institutions

    We are available for carrying out communication activities within the consortium.

    For any further information, you can email me at the following address:

    Karmen KutnjakKarmen Kutnjak

    Centre for Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial support institution established by Dubrovnik Neretva region; managing two business incubators (Dubrovnik and Ploče) in addition to providing full support to young and entrepreneurs to be. Centre mentors and supports entrepreneurs through all stages of the business life cycle, from the idea creation and its development, to the exposure on the open market and further growth.
    The main focus of the Centre is to support clients in pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions, providing business plans, feasibility studies, education, counselling, mentoring, as well as preparation and implementation of projects on national tenders.
    The basic activities of the Centre are organized in two departments:
    – Department of Entrepreneurial Support
    – Department for Support in Agriculture and Rural Development.
    We are looking to join an international consortium as a project partner. The greatest assets of the Centre are a wide reach to SME’s nationally and internationally, two decades of successful business education execution experience and commercial expansion. We find that our greatest contribution to the consortium would be the extensive experience on innovative business models, training and coaching. Feel free to reach us via email:

    Karmen Kutnjak
    Centre for Entrepreneurship

    Todorka AtanasovaTodorka Atanasova

    Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) is interested in joining consortium.
    VEDA (, is an NGO that operates in public benefit on the territory of Varna region in Bulgaria.
    We have participated in multinational projects funded under the EU H2020 Program, JOP “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”, Danube Transnational Program, Erasmus+, etc., providing research, consultancy, training, and organization of a variety of events.
    VEDA was a national contact point for the CIP Eco-Innovation Program (2007-2013).
    Our expertise is in the area of eco- and social innovation; modernization of agricultural sector; blue economy; revitalization of urban and industrial areas; cultural and rural tourism. We can deliver support for SMEs and start-ups as well as training & mentoring services.
    Contact person: Todorka Dimitrova, VEDA Director –

    Elena KopanarovaElena Kopanarova

    I am communicating with you on the bahalf of OECON GROUP Bulgaria. We have a huge expeerince in supporting SMEs, please communicate with me at

    Luka DragojevicLuka Dragojevic

    Dear George,

    We are writing to you on behalf of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and your project proposal seems very interesting.

    The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is located in the Western part of the Republic of Croatia, at the point of encounter of the coastal Northern Adriatic and the green mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is a unit of regional self-government encompassing 14 cities and 22 municipalities with total population of 265.419. The seat of the County is in Rijeka. The County performs its activities through 11 departments with regional competences dealing with spatial and urban planning, regional development, tourism, entrepreneurship, rural development, sports, culture, technical culture, youth, planning and development of network of educational, health, social and cultural institutions. As regional authority County has implemented over 20 INTERREG projects including EnerNETmob, BLUEISLANDS (INTERREG Med), REFRESH, FOCUS IN CD (INTERREG Central Europe) EnerMOB, FUTURE 4.0 (INTERREG Adrion), MOSES ARCA ADRIATICA, Adri.SmArtFish, ARGOS, AdriPromTour, ARTVISION +, Joint SECAP, EXCOVER, FRAMESPORT (INTERREG Italy-Croatia), CARNIVORA DINARICA, GREENMOBILE, CLAUSTRA + (INTERREG Slovenia- Croatia) as well as SCREEN as SIMPLA projects (HORIZON 2020).

    We remain at your disposal for any further requirements.

    Sean MossSean Moss

    We have contributed research, consulting, training, and event planning to international initiatives financed by the EU H2020 Program, JOP “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020,” Danube Transnational Program, Erasmus+, penalty kick online etc.
    From 2007 until 2013, VEDA served as a national point of contact for the CIP Eco-Innovation Program.

    Krasimir TrufevKrasimir Trufev


    We are Bulgarian NGO Leaders of the Future and we work in rural areas in central north Bulgaria.
    Our goal is to develop entrepreneurship, issue advocacy, human rights, and democracy education in remote areas. We are also working on renewable energy projects supporting low-income households and projects related to waste-to-energy solutions where we can reduce waste. We also work with the Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of commerce and the Bulgarian-Turkish Women Business club to support managerial education.

    We can offer expertise to your projects, we work with local authorities, policy makers citizens, etc.

    You can contact us at or


    Nikolay DochevNikolay Dochev

    Dear George,

    I’m writing on behalf of two Bulgarian entities – Kyustendil Municipality and Association “Institute for Territorial Innovations and Cooperation – ITIC”. We are very interested in participating in a project partnership related to improving the managerial and innovation capacity.

    Kyustendil Municipality is interested also in developing strategic document related to climate neutral economy since it is highly affected by the just transition process in Bulgaria.

    The team of ITIC Association has extensive experience in capacity building, regional development and policy making, just transition, climate neutral economic activities.

    We will be very grateful if you consider both or either one of these two Bulgarian organisations as a valuable partner in your project.

    You can contact us on

    Kind regards!

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