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    George StampoulisGeorge Stampoulis

    Dear Colleagues

    The Institute for Sustainability and Growth (INBIAN, https:\\ from Greece intends to submit a proposal for the call related to priority 1, expected around June 2022.

    The main idea of the project is to support SMEs and Public Organisations for improving their managerial and innovation capacity

    We are looking for partners mainly from Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia

    Interested organisations are requested to contact INBIAN (


    Hi, I’m Albert Marku, project manager at the Center for Community Development, based in Tirana, Albania. Our organization was created in 2004 and has been increasing year by year with organizational, technical and financial capacity and has developed many projects, where all of these projects have based their methodology on European Union policies and programs. We have extensive experience in the implementation of projects where these projects are funded by local Ministries which have experience with such programs. We think that your chosen topic fits quite well with the needs of our community.
    On behalf of the organization, we express interest in being a partner in your project-proposal, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the required and professional deadline of your application within the framework of a successful one.

    Hoping in a reply, we are also sending our PIF via email (

    Karmen KutnjakKarmen Kutnjak

    Dear Mr Stampoulis,

    Centre for Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial support institution established by Dubrovnik Neretva region; managing two business incubators (Dubrovnik and Ploče) in addition to providing full support to young and entrepreneurs to be. Centre mentors and supports entrepreneurs through all stages of the business life cycle, from the idea creation and its development, to the exposure on the open market and further growth.
    The main focus of the Centre is to support clients in pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions, providing business plans, feasibility studies, education, counselling, mentoring, as well as preparation and implementation of projects on national tenders.
    The basic activities of the Centre are organized in two departments:
    – Department of Entrepreneurial Support
    – Department for Support in Agriculture and Rural Development.
    We are looking to join an international consortium as a project partner. The greatest assets of the Centre are a wide reach to SME’s nationally and internationally, two decades of successful business education execution experience and commercial expansion. We find that our greatest contribution to the consortium would be the extensive experience on innovative business models, training and coaching. Feel free to reach us via email:

    Best regards,
    Karmen Kutnjak
    Centre for entrepreneurship


    Dear george,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of GAL Molise:
    We are an Italian public private consortium made of 59 rural municipalities.
    We have experience on Interreg projects also about sustainable tourism.
    We are interested to get involved as partner.
    We can also support you in finding reliable partners from Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia.
    Please contact me at
    Skype adolfo.colagiovanni

    Adolfo Colagiovanni

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