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    In anticipation of the summer call for Thematic projects we are looking for partners with experiences and strong interest in GASTRONOMY TOURISM topic.
    ZRC SAZU is research organisation from Slovenia with coordination experiences in Interreg MED programme and expertise in sustainable tourism. We are inviting committed partners to join the potential project network for the following programming period.

    For expressing the interest, please send e-mail with brief information about your organisation and topic related experiences (

    Andrea BelloniAndrea Belloni


    we are a Regional Agency of Lazio Region and we are supporting Province of Latina to look for potential projects where to be involved. We are available to speak my mail is

    Bogdan BirnbaumBogdan Birnbaum

    Dear Ms Viskovic,

    The City of Venice has gained significant experience in managing more than 150 EU funded projects, both as LP and PP, mostly in the fields of environment and local sustainable development, cultural heritage preservation and valorisation, urban regeneration, social inclusion.

    Connected to the subject of this proposal, Venice participated in the Slowfood-CE project ( funded by the Central Europe Programme. Within this project, Venice organised a Venetian Gastronomy Festival – SAOR – to enhance the gastronomic cultural heritage (GCH) of the city and was in charge of developing a strategy for the sustainable promotion and valorisation of food heritage in line with a vision of integrated economic, environmental and social sustainability.

    The City of Venice also signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and is one of the members of the Eurocities Working Group on Food.

    Currently, the City is participating in two European projects on tourism: S.L.I.D.E.S. (Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in LIvely cultural DEStinations), funded by the Interreg Italy- Croatia Programme, for the promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and Tourism Friendly Cities – URBACT III programme – exploring how tourism can be made sustainable in medium-sized cities. For more information on our projects, see at

    We would be glad to have more info about your proposal.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Best regards,


    Dear Nika,
    I have just sent you an e-mail about our organization’s (PSP) interest in your proposal. If you have decided to go ahead with it, and you find our profile appropriate, please send me a note.
    Kind regards
    P. Konstantinopoulos

    Allyson BARBAUDAllyson BARBAUD

    Dear Nika,

    We are a public organisation from France and are interested in that subject. We’ve worked on several european gastronomy project and we have technical ressources in that way. So if you are looking for a French partner, let me know ! have a nice day

    Best regards

    Iliana GeorgievaIliana Georgieva

    We are the Municipality of Sandanski in Bulgaria. The municipality of Sandanski is an established culinary and viticultural region, with a large number of wine producers and production recognized worldwide.

    We would be glad to have more info about your proposal.

    Looking forward to future cooperation,

    Elena KopanarovaElena Kopanarova

    we are repersenting the Chamber of Chalkidiki, situated in Greece. Please email me at

    Nicola De SantisNicola De Santis

    If you are looking for an Italian experienced partner, we are EuRelations EEIG an European Economic Interest Grouping established in 2002 with a view to facilitating and developing its members’ economic perspectives by pooling common resources, interests and competences.
    The organisation includes 33 private and public entities such as municipalities, universities, schools, research centers, consulting and training firms, chambers of commerce, businesses and business associations.
    Its members represent different European countries (Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain), while its legal and operative premise is in Italy.
    EuRelations acts as a cluster organization that can involve the staff and thematic experts of its members and thereby offer services in the fields of tourism, innovative sustainable economy, environment, public administration, communication, etc.
    We have previous and relevant experiences in Interreg Projects and EU cooperation projects
    If you are interested to know us better, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:
    More info here:

    Daniela FattoriDaniela Fattori

    Dear Nika,
    I am writing on behalf of the parco Romano Biodistretto (private organization promoting km 0 agree food)/university of Tor Vergata, Rome

    Their needs:

    Promote the botanical and cultural knowledge of the native tree species, the ancient agri-food variety and the traditional cultivars that belong to a mythological territory: the Castelli Romani in the southern area of Rome.

    Enhance sustainable tourism models, which ensure the protection of the environment, the natural resources, the traditional agriculture, the cultural heritage and the social value;

    Strengthen people’s awareness of the importance of natural ecosystems, healthy lifestyle, ecological practices and biodiversity conservation and establish a stronger connection with tourism needs.

    If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mai:

    Kind regards,


    Vangelis NikolaidisVangelis Nikolaidis

    Dear Nika,

    Im am writing on behalf of Municipality of Katerini, Greece and your project idea is intersting to us. Can you please send me more information on the email

    Kind regards
    Vangelis Nikolaidis


    Dear Nika,
    We are looking for partnership in a gastronomy project. Given the time, we hope to become project partners in the existing project in the field of food and gastronomy tourism.
    Vukovar-srijem county’s tourism offer is starting to develop in the form of different thematic routes. It includes the development of a gastro route that would show and promote Srijem’s traditional cuisine, but also further develop the area’s tourist gastro offer.
    Brief information of the planned activities:
    1.Gastro food festival
    2.Traditional cuisine education and the use of traditional foods in everyday cooking
    3.Education of restourant owners on the way in which they should emphasize the traditions of Srijem
    4.Education for waiters- sommeliers training
    5.Procurement of a Virtual Kitchen where the visitor will choose the dish they want to see being prepared
    6.Acquisition of typical houses with traditional features
    7.Acquisition of a mobile catering facility for the promotion of the eno-gastro offer
    8.The creation of a prototype of a gastro display case that will be used for the presentation and sale of traditional products which will be located in hotels and catering establishments
    9.Mapping of gastro routes
    10.Promotional activities
    Project partner would be a Tourist organization of Vukovar-Srijem County which has a experience in implementation of Interreg projects.
    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in developing a gastronomy project with us.

    Contact person Marija:

    Nuno CarvalhoNuno Carvalho


    I represent a Portuguese Municipality that is interested in joining a consortium like yours.
    If you are interested please contact me:


    Dear Ms Nika Razpotnik Visković,

    City of Nin is interested in participating as partner in your proposal which is very interesting for us, and we would menage to find many ideas for this area. City of Nin is a located in the Zadar County of Croatia. Nin is a town of long tradition and a glorious past and its natural beauties ensure it a special place in Croatian and European tourism. History of this city is also based on gastronomy and we have plenty to offer. To find more about us and our EU projects please visit, and if you are interested in collaborating, please feel free to reach out anytime at: or .
    Looking forward to your reply!

    Best regards,

    Ivona Stulić Sipina and Borjan Andrija Peša
    City of Nin

    Greg BjornGreg Bjorn

    I believe it’s actually a great way to help people learn more about the cuisine of different countries and culture in general. Of course, gastronomy plays a huge role there, and I can say that even though I have a pretty strict diet, I allow myself to try something new. Also, I read more about the nutritional information of the products I like the most, and it helps me stay in a good shape. But it’s not like I care a lot about that when I’m abroad because some cuisines are incredible

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