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    Luka AmonLuka Amon

    The World Tourism Organization refers that sustainable tourism should take full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities. Based on these guidelines, the Alpine and Adriatic regions have implemented sustainable tourism strategies focused on showing their culture, landscapes, and histories. However, Covid-19, issues with air transport, and lack of public transport have increased tourism by private cars (more than 80 % of the modal split) thus contributing to the overall CO2 and noise emissions.
    Considering these major challenges for the Alpine and Adriatic regions, we have designed a solution to integrate sustainable mobility technologies; electric vehicles (EV) and e-bicycles focused on developing a 1. Comprehensive and reliable EV and bicycle charging infrastructure for tourist, citizens, public transport, and businesses, 2. Accessible electric bicycles, 3. Efficient use of renewable energy and grid stability, and 4. Digitalization of touristic routes and hospitality.
    The implementation requires community engagement and proactive approach towards creating a better understanding about all the pros of sustainable living by its leaders. Our aim is to reduce emissions from the transport (public and private), protect the environment, promote sustainable tourism, reduce transportation costs, increase the use of renewable energy, develop micro grids to stabilize the grid network, develop smart and digitalised tourism, and – more importantly – to create a better-quality life for people around tourism.
    Our project lays a foundation in the potential transformation of any major city and its rural areas’ tourism infrastructure. For instance, tourists who drive an EV will be welcome to visit the regions without concerns that their EVs will run out of battery allowing them to enjoy bicycle ride, a local meal, or a drink. Also, unpleasant noise and the discomfort of smelling pollutants would be reduced to near zero. Everyone in the region would benefit from better air in a better city.
    The short and mid-term goal of our EV charging infrastructure and cyclist routs project is also to increase the participation of business in green initiatives; tourism – Slovenia Green certification scheme, construction – Net zero certification schemes, or cultural – Climate mitigation in heritage buildings. Thus, it is expected that cleaner cities will attract more people, bring business interest, and boost a sustainable local economy.
    This project is also focused on renewable energy management and grid stability. For instance, the renewable energy produced should be first consumed, then stored in batteries; and the grid should only be used when there is not enough renewable energy available. The system should create a harmonisation between the supply (renewable energy and grid) and the demand (i.e. EV chargers, electric bicycles, heat pumps, lighting, internet connected devices) without exceeding the grid capacity.
    The implementation and management of the infrastructure will be executed by experts in facility and energy infrastructure management. All local requirements will be considered when deploying the wholesome solutions covering all steps from initial installation to regular maintenance.
    In addition, the project will enable you to reap the benefits of becoming a smarter region. For instance, the impact on the air quality being monitored, analysis of the increased use of bicycles, efficient and alternative routes that could save time and resources, and, last but not the least, efficient utilization of the infrastructure (i.e. EV chargers) when combining it with other services (rental e-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters).
    The same model can be replicated in cities, buildings, commercial properties, and industries; therefore, we are looking for a pioneer in smart mobility to implement this project together. Setting up a benchmark and leading the market to follow will enable you to have a major impact in global communities and the environment.

    Kristijan LezaicKristijan Lezaic

    Hello! Your project sounds very interesting. I am currently volunteering for a Municipality of Marija Bistrica, but I am an experienced project manager on MED projects. We would like to join this project potentially. do you plan to apply it to the next calls in 2024?

    My name is Kristijan Lezaic. You can reach me on my mail

    Kind regards,

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