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    Petrov PetrovPetrov Petrov

    RDA BSC SMEs (Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sizes Enterprises) works 25 years in the fields of:
    – regional development
    -improvement of the economic environment
    -creating a local mechanisms for development and support of the businesses (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), government and administration (at national, regional, municipal and local level) and NGOs sectors.

    RDA BSC SMEs – Plovdiv is an active participant in the process of creating the regional economic development and innovation policies, social entrepreneurship, green infrastructure and energy efficiency, vocational education and development of labour market, historical and cultural heritage and tourism, in the development of regional and municipal development plans and strategies, regional innovation strategies, communication strategies and others. Participation in regional, district and municipal development councils, councils for cooperation and tripartite councils at regional, district and municipal levels, in national and international networks.

    RDA BSC SMEs – Plovdiv was established in 1996 as a body governed by public law (according to the definition of the Directive 2014/24/EU).

    Founders and members of RDA BSC SMEs – Plovdiv are municipalities, associations of employers, universities, enterprises and physical persons such as: municipalities, business organizations, universities and etc.

    We have huge experiences in the field of INTERREG programmes, incl. Balkan-Med programme(PRO-ENERGY project).
    The common challenge of PRO-ENERGY was to improve energy efficiency of public buildings (municipal/provincial/regional buildings, schools, universities, health centres, hospitals, museums, sports facilities etc.).
    Main activities were:
    -Existing situation analysis – energy efficiency
    -Good practices selection and benchmarking
    -Joint strategy and action plan for increasing energy efficiency through behavioural change
    -Joint criteria for selecting pilot public buildings
    -Energy audits in pilot public buildings
    -Design and implementation of activities on Capacity Building for Energy Managers
    -Installation of smart sensors in pilot public buildings
    -Design and development of a joint pilot platform for monitoring and improving energy efficiency in public buildings
    -Designing and implementing a joint benefit analysis model.

    Other INTERREG project: STOB regions – Succession and Transfer of Business in Regions:
    Interregional policy learning workshops covered all aspects of the transfer process as well as other relevant specific issues:
    -sensitization and raising awareness and barriers for a transfer, psychology of company succession
    -family businesses advisory services for the whole transfer process
    -valuation, rating and maintenance of value of companies in the transfer process
    -buyer from universities / employee buy-out / Migrant buyers / Female Buyers / Buyers from other countries (internationalisation of ToB)
    -Business Transfer in rural areas
    -financing/financial instruments to support TOB
    -knowledge transfer/innovation

    Other INTERREG project:
    -INSiGHTS – Integrated Slow, Green and Healthy Tourism Strategies

    Please contact as:
    Velizar Petrov – Executive Director

    Ana LacãoAna Lacão

    I’m contacting you in the behalf of AREANATejo – Regional Energy and Environment Agency from North Alentejo.
    We are a Private non for profit organisation of Alto Alentejo region (Portugal). We have the following mission and objectives: to adopt measures for the energy transition; to promote energy and environmental sustainability; to promote carbon neutrality in all sectors of activity; to develop projects that encourage circular economy; to promote the sustainable local development; to incorporate renewable energy sources into energy consumption; to commit to the efficient use of resources; to fight energy poverty; to promote sustainable mobility; to adopt mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change; and to pursue a strategic planning, in all intervention areas.
    Our main areas of expertise are: energy, environment, mobility and awareness-raising/environmental education; and we develop the majority of the projects to our associated stakeholders (the 15 Municipalities that belong to the District of Portalegre).
    We have been involved in European co-financed projects since 2008 (Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS+, INTERREG POCTEP, INTERREG MED and H2020 Programmes).
    We have 20 years of experience and we implemented already more than 40 national and European projects, 6 of them under previous MED Programme calls.

    Taking into account the elegibility criteria of the new EURO MED Programme, we are not eligible as Lead Partners (only as Partners). So, we would be very much appreciated if you could consider us in a possible partnership.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    With my best regards,

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