Rare Deseases in North Macedonia

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    Eva JonkerEva Jonker

    The organisation “My Rare World” just start last year in november 2021. Situated in Prilep.The mission of this organisation is to improve the well-beijng of this target group. Participating in society, acceptance and reducing prejudice are parts of our mission. Our vision is equality and credibility. Investments must also be made in knowlegde, skills and specialization in the Medical field as Rare Deseases are different and complex. Mental support is also necessary. In general,our organisation wants to collaborate with other welfare organisations and heatlhcare as well.

    We are also looking for professionals to design and create a Eco playground equipment that is accessible to both able-bodied and disabled children.

    Irena GeorgievaIrena Georgieva

    Dear colleagues,
    We at the “Triumph – R” Foundation from Town of Pernik, Bulgaria would like to participate as partner in project under EURO-MED programme. Our organization was established in 2021. Until now, it is developing activities at the national level.
    The chairman and our main members hava a long term experience in participation in EU-programs and projects with an emphasis on environmental problems and their solution, as well the construction of eco-trails, the improvement of biodiversity in certain territories, projects related to the development of cross-border cooperation in various areas such as the preservation and enrichment of traditions, culture, improvement of the business environment and entrepreneurship, the development of media literacy, education, projects with a focus on energy efficiency, the change of policies related to civil rights and reforms in the judiciary system.
    A foundation participate in social programs and activities that are related to solving children’s problems. We work with children aged 4-6 from different kindergartens, in the form of different campaigns, with students aged 7 to 18 from over 15 schools in the Pernik region and with students from UNSS-Sofia and Pernik Universities. We make outdoor “classrooms” where we build capacity and realise environmental education as well forming of adolescent’s awareness and responsible behavior towards nature.
    The “Triumph-R” Foundation carried out a series of trainings, with the participation of leading specialists and famous personalities, aimed at increasing the media culture and literacy of both youth and older users.
    We cooperate with the Europe Direct center – Dupnitsa, Bulgaria to promote the European Green Deal, as well as related issues such as responsible use of resources and recycling.
    The goals that the foundation set upon its establishment are:
    • To initiate and support projects for the preservation and development of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria and Europe;
    • To affirm spiritual values;
    • To develop civil society;
    • To support activities in the field of healthcare, education, science, sports;
    • To provide support for the socially weak, disabled and persons in need of care;
    • To protect human rights and the environment;
    “Triumph – R” Foundation and all volunteers fighting for its causes have the necessary capacity and experience to achieve these goals.
    We will be happy to discuss possibilities for joint activities and our participation in a project under EURO-MED programme!

    You can contact us by e-mail:

    James FrankoJames Franko

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