Protection of historical trees from lightning – Joining a consortium

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    Daniele MestrinerDaniele Mestriner

    Dear all, I am Daniele Mestriner, an Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Genoa (Italy).

    Our research group (myself, Prof. Federico Delfino, Prof. Renato Brignone and Prof. Massimo Brignone), is studying lightning modelling and protection since 15 years. Our focus has been always on the protection of electrical infrastructures, but we would shift attention to the protection of natural elements such as trees and forests.
    In this framework, we would like to present a “Study Project” ( perform analyses to better address a thematic issue and open the door to the development of new instruments, policies, strategies, and action plans.) related to the study of lightning on trees and related to innovative protection techniques.

    In our opinion, the idea fits in well in one of the Call’s Missions : “PROTECTING, RESTORING ANDVALORISING THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND HERITAGE”.
    We think that your contribute could be strongly impactful in the success of the European Call.

    If you are interested in please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you in advance for your time
    Best regards

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