Potantial partners from Greece

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    George StampoulisGeorge Stampoulis

    Dear Colleagues

    Organotechnical SA ( is a consulting company founded in 1993 and located in Kavala, North Greece. We have great experience in designing, managing and implementing European projects.

    We represent several public or non-profit organisations interested in taking part in partnerships submitting and implemented projects funded by European Union

    The main fields of interest of the represented organisations are the following:
    – Support of SMEs to strengthen their managerial capacity and boost their competitiveness
    – Business Excellence in private and public sectors
    – Sustainable tourism
    – Culture

    In case your organisation is interested in any of the above fields, please do not hesitate to contact us

    Thank you
    George Stampoulis

    Tsvetelina NedevaTsvetelina Nedeva

    Hi George,

    my name is Tsvetelina Nedeva and I am from a NGO from Bulgaria. We are looking for partners in Greece regarding a cross border project, which did not started yet. We are now preparing with partners like Municipalities and NGO’s, as the project is quite big and we gonna need partners from every region that the project covers, including Kavala. We already have partners form the main regions both from Bulgaria and Greece, but Kavala region is still uncovered.
    We are involved in a couple of Projects under Interreg Europe and now we will apply for another Project, under Interreg Euro-Med.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Best regards,
    Tsvetelina Nedeva


    Dear Mr. George Stampoulis,

    I am writing to you from regional development agency of Gorenjska, Slovenia. We have over 20 years of experiences in preparation and implementation of EU projects, including MED -different topics of regional development. We are also responsible for regional development and regional development program.

    Topics mobility, nature based solutions, climate change including behaviour change, circularity, food policy, sustainable tourism are key development topics in our region.

    I would be glad to have on line meeting. What about next week?

    My contacts:
    M.Sc. Helena Cvenkel, director for research and development
    BSC Kranj regional development agency of Gorenjska
    c.s. Zagarja 37,4000 Kranj, Slovenia
    mobile: 00386 31 302 382
    skype: helena.cvenkel



    We are a body governed by public law, a local action group and a network made of 59 municipalities and many private professional associations and organization with the aim of local development of a rural area in Italy (Molise Region)
    We have long term experience on Interreg projects as partner and lead partner too.
    We are also VET centre accredited at regionale level. We also manage a business incubator.
    The main fields of interest are the following:
    – Business support
    – Sustainable tourism
    – Culture
    – Energy
    For further info please contact us at

    Adolfo Colagiovanni

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