Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism through European Cultural Routes

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    Cultural TourismCultural Tourism

    Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism can be a form of Sustainable Cultural Tourism, especially in the Med area. Pilgrimage tourism is the type of tourism that entirely or powerfully motivates tourists for the achievement of religious attitude and practices. One of the oldest types of visiting the attractions and a global experience in the olden times of spiritual growth, it can be differentiated into different forms. European Cultural Routes offer such possibilities. A transnational Cultural Route with great potential is the St Paul’s footsteps, mainly in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain. Also other religious routes and relevant sites of religious interest.

    The proposed project will develop and test cultural tourism routes around pilgrimage and religious special interest visiting of shrines and assets.

    Partners required: local and regional authorities, tourist boards, DMOs, in Malta, Spain, Croatia, France, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro.

    Kristijan LezaicKristijan Lezaic

    Hello! your project sounds very interesting. My name is Kristijan Lezaic and I am currently volunteering in a Municipality of Marija Bistrica in Croatia, but I am an experienced project manager and I already worked on MED projects. Marija Bistrica is one of the most known pilgrimage sites in Croatia. WE would potentially like to join your project. Do you plan to apply it for the next calls in 2024? I would like to have an online meeting and discuss it further. You can reach me on

    Kind regards,

    Danilo CrastollaDanilo Crastolla

    i can involve italian and greek municipality duly involved in religious tourism
    If needed reach me to

    Selma TuleSelma Tule


    We are very interested in your project idea and joining your consortium as a project partner, especially since our region is home to one of the world-famous pilgrimage sites, Medjugorje.

    I am writing on behalf of the Tourist Board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, which is a body governed by public law and was founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    The Tourist Board is a specialized organization whose task is to properly valorise its tourist potential, analyse the possibilities of different forms of tourism, create regional tourist products, promote them and place them on the market through different tourist products. Our region – Herzegovina-Neretva Canton is located in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and consists of 9 municipalities, among which are the famous tourist destinations Mostar and Međugorje.
    The Tourist Board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton has rich experience in the implementation of various projects co-financed by the EU. We recently completed a project financed from the Interreg Med Programme in which we were a project partner.

    If you accept our offer for cooperation, you can contact us:;
    Best regards

    Dorianne CutajarDorianne Cutajar


    Your project sounds really interesting and we, as the Western Regional Council of Malta (Reġjun Punent) would like to express our interest in participating in this project focused on pilgrimage and religious tourism. In particular interest is the cultural route in the footsteps of St Paul. We are enthusiastic to contribute to its promotion and development.

    Rabat, which is a town under the Western Regional Council, holds profound ties to the life and legacy of this Apostle. The church dedicated to St Paul stands as a testament to the enduring reverence for his teachings and travels. Additionally, St Paul’s Grotto, where he resided during his time in Malta, serves as a tangible link to his presence on the island. We are eager to explore deeper into these connections and work towards showcasing Rabat, Malta, as a pivotal destination along the route of St Paul.

    We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate together on this project. Please do note hesitate to contact me on to discuss further.

    Thank you.

    Dorianne Cutajar
    EU/Local Funds Manager
    Western Regional Council

    ersilia incelliersilia incelli

    Dear all,
    we would be interested in developing your project also in our region (around Rome). Would you be interested in an Italian province/region. There are numerous religious cultural routes yet to be discovered and developed. Please let us know.

    Sofia MartinsSofia Martins

    Your proposal is very interesting.
    I would be glad to know more about your project, so if you are interested in having an introductory call to talk about it and to understand possible collaborations, please do not hesitate to contact me at
    Best regards

    Franco Di AndreaFranco Di Andrea

    We express our interest in joining your project proposal. Antroposervice Sas is a creative Italian SME, main partner in the “Festival dei due Parchi” ( ; aiming to rediscovering and highlighting the “common sense” of a creative part of the territory of the two National Parks of Monti Sibillini and Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, straddling the Italian regions: Abruzzo, Marche, Lazio, Umbria, in order to let citizens responsibly and creatively regain a sense of belonging to the territories, to protect and valorise them, with the languages of art, culture and sport starting from the wonderful environmental, naturalistic and cultural microcosm.
    Within the Festival we organize periodically events in nature along the trails of spirituality, where representatives of different regious communiities in the territory can meet and pray together.
    We offer our support in developing the project proposal.

    Emilio SolaEmilio Sola

    Dear Interreg participants,

    We are very interested in this topic and potential partnership opportunities. I am replying to this useful forum on behalf of The Ucles Foundation, a non-profit private organization in Spain, that manages the Ucles Monastery, an extraordinary historical monument of XVI century located in a rural area of extraordinary value.
    The Monastery of Ucles is more than a touristic historical monument, it is a living and unique space with an innovative approach in terms of cultural offer, including exhibitions, conferences, concerts and educational activities. Indeed, the Monastery has been awarded with the prize of the Observatory of Culture for the variety and quality of its cultural activities. Please visit:

    We have years of experience coordinating European projects, we can be applicants or partners, we cooperate with several public institutions and our group of companies includes potential partners to be involved with capacities in fields such as training, VET centers, digitalization or creation of related content.

    Do not hesitate to reach out me for further info, ideas or project opportunities!:

    Kind regards from Spain

    Emilio Sola

    Angela SpyrouAngela Spyrou

    Dear Madam,/Sir,

    We are capable to find you partners from Greece, especially in the Region of Ionian Islands. If you are intrested, please to not hesitate to communicate with us at

    Kind Regards,
    Angela Spyrou

    Renato ColonnaRenato Colonna

    Dear All
    I am writing on behalf of GAL Molise verso 2000, situated in region of Molise (Italy).
    GAL is a limited liability consortium company founded in 1994 with the aim of designing, implementing and managing initiatives in the field of Local, National and European development.
    We are a body governed by public law, a local action group and a network made of 59 municipalities and many private professional associations and organization with the aim of local development of a rural area in Italy (Molise Region)

    Our working group has certified experience in the sector also and above all regarding European projects.
    I propose as we could offer technical assistance and coordination service for the development of project.
    We could take care of organizing and publicizing the event, involving experts, populations, cultural associations and public administrations.

    For further info you can contact the following addresses:
    e-mail: or

    Best regards


    Hi, good morning

    I am writing to you from Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, an institution based in Seville where the three monotheist religions coexisted for a longer period of time in peace. If you are still open to a possible partner from Spain we could consider to support your initiative as much as possible. Please find more information here and you may also contact me on my email address
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Best regards

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