Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism through European Cultural Routes

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    Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism can be a form of Sustainable Cultural Tourism, especially in the Med area. Pilgrimage tourism is the type of tourism that entirely or powerfully motivates tourists for the achievement of religious attitude and practices. One of the oldest types of visiting the attractions and a global experience in the olden times of spiritual growth, it can be differentiated into different forms. European Cultural Routes offer such possibilities. A transnational Cultural Route with great potential is the St Paul’s footsteps, mainly in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain. Also other religious routes and relevant sites of religious interest.

    The proposed project will develop and test cultural tourism routes around pilgrimage and religious special interest visiting of shrines and assets.

    Partners required: local and regional authorities, tourist boards, DMOs, in Malta, Spain, Croatia, France, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro.

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