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    Anna AdroherAnna Adroher

    Osona region, located in the centre of Catalonia (Spain), is developing projects in five strategic fields:

    1. Transformation of the agro-food system towards sustainability and circular economy.
    2. Digital transformation of industry, administration and society.
    3. Sustainable development of mobility and logistics.
    4. New opportunities for talent and vulnerable groups.
    5. Socio-sanitary.

    The projects developed under these strategic areas count on the involvement and participation of the principal local stakeholders: the County Council of Osona, city councils, the University of Vic, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and the local development agency: Creacció.

    In case you are interested in exploring common interests in these areas, do not hesitate to contact us:

    Nexhmije VataNexhmije Vata

    Center of Albanian Development is a higly experienced NGO with more than 16 years of experience in implementing successful projects in national and regional level. Please contact us at

    Stefan CalimanStefan Caliman

    Hello, I represent two institutional interlocutor from Lombardy Region, Italy.

    1. Confimi Apindustria Bergamo, trade association of manufacturing companies, is interested in “digital transformation of industry”.
    2. Lombardy Mobility Cluster, is specialized on mobility and logistics topics as an institutional interlocutor of the Regional authorities.

    I would be glad to discuss a potential collaboration and see how can we contribute to successful proposals. My email is s.calimanò

    Kind regards,

    Fadil VataFadil Vata

    Dear Anna Adroher,
    Albanian Center for Sustainable Development is an Albanian non-profit organization,working for more than 15 years in the field of Environment, Tourism and Sustainable development in Albania. We support the implementation of national programmes and politics, support green initiatives and businesses, promote environmentally friendly behavior, raise civic, youth and institutional awareness about sustainable economic, environmental and social development. We had implemented various projects in the field of natural and cultural resources protection, sustainable tourism, circular economy, etc.
    We would be pleased if you could consider us in a possible partnership, guaranteeing the fulfillment in the required time and in a professional way of each request in the context of a successful application.
    In case of any interest, please contact us on:

    Mauro VanniMauro Vanni

    Dear Anna Adroher,
    Coastal Towns Association from Italy (7 municipalities, 120.000 inhabitants – Abruzzo Region) is interested in joining your proposal.
    The cities:
    a) are currently developing green and digital transformation strategies within the framework of the Intelligent Cities Challenge, an initiative funded by Horizon2020 and grouping more than 80 european cities;
    b) are acting as partner in LIFE+ A_GreeNet, a project using reforestation and other tools in order to mitigate climate change.

    We can share: a wide network of regional and local stakeholders (SMEs, Universities, associations); methods, tools and expertise to elaborate and implement sustainable strategies; lessons learned from on going pilot actions regarding governance, tourism and mobility.

    In case of interest, please contact: Mauro Vanni, City Project Manager –

    ProSolutions ConsultingNuhi Neziri

    Dear Anna,

    Municipality of Tearce from Republic of North Macedonia is Interested in joining as partner, on the following priority themes:
    – creation of conditions for sustainable tourism, mountain tourism and agro-tourism;
    – sustainable economic development;

    So, we appreciate if you could consider us as possible partner in the case that you are planning to develop a project proposal under this upcoming First Call for proposals of Euro-MED Programme for first call for GOVERNANCE PROJECTS.

    I’m available for more details and to discuss more about topics of interests, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information in the following emails:

    Best regards,


    Dear Anna,

    I am writing you on behalf of Town Ludbreg – Croatia and we are interested in participating as project partners in the following fields:
    1. Transformation of the agro-food system towards sustainability and circular economy.
    2. Digital transformation of industry, administration and society.
    3. Sustainable development of mobility and logistics.

    We are a local municipality and we have a lot of experience in EU project. If we are suitable partner for you please contact me via email

    Best regards,

    Cveta DimitrovaCveta Dimitrova

    Dear Ana,

    We are ABERON OOD., a Bulgarian private research and consulting company, active in the wide environmental area with sound track record in ecosystem services assessment, agroecology, climate change adaptation and green energy transition. We are interested in:

    1. Transformation of the agro-food system towards sustainability and circular economy.
    2. Digital transformation of industry, administration and society.

    We have developed a Balkan protocol, roadmap and an ICT tool to calculate the CO2 emissions in agriculture, minimise the use of resource and contribute to the circular economy.
    On the second topic we may support you in the architecture of an ICT platform for digitalisation of services, mapping, visualisation and decision making. We can handle all horizontal tasks, such as dissemination, education and capitalisation.

    If you are happy to discuss further, please, contact me on

    P.S. I have worked in Madrid for Red2Red Consultores..:-)

    Maria TsagkatakiMaria Tsagkataki

    Dear Anna,

    The Municipality of Heraklion is interested to be a partner in your proposal. We would like to have more information and details on the development of your project idea.

    Heraklion is the capital of Crete, one of the most economically active towns in the wider region. Also is fourth largest city in Greece. According to the results of the 2021 census, the municipality’s population is 157.452 people.

    Mobility is our priority; we succeed to get closer to our missions through operations such as ECORouTs operation, which seeks the pilot introduction of a fleet of electric vehicles & buses, and C-IZEBs operation (Cooperative Intelligent education & electromobility Zero Energy Buildings) in which he deliverable was “Installation of Charging Stations and Electric Minibus Supply”.

    Since March 2011, the Municipality of Heraklion signed the Mayors’ Pact, which is an ambitious initiative to involve local authorities and citizens in reducing energy consumption, saving resources and upgrading the quality of life of citizens. This European Commission’s main objective is to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020. For this purpose, the Sustainable Energy Action Plan was developed as a tool for identifying and certifying the energy policy of the Municipality and its intention to achieve the above objective. The participation of the Municipality of Heraklion following the proposal of the Energy Centre of the Region of Crete for the Covenant Capacity project, co-funded by the Europe – Intelligent Energy Program, is an important part of the training of the SDAE and aims to support the development of Action Plans On Sustainable Energy in Europe. In recent years, institutional players in the city, as well as public and private organisations have worked together more closely to promote and capitalise on the benefits of the city. Heraklion has an economy with comparative advantages in the agro-food sector and tourism. Emerging sectors of the economy are the Environment / Energy and innovation / new technologies sectors.

    The Heraklion Municipality is currently implementing many projects regarding energy efficiency in public buildy, transportation. Since this is a priority for the municipality, we consider your proposal an assent to the strategic orientation.

    To be able to consider possible collaboration please contact us on


    Maria Tsagkataki

    Municipality of Heraklion Crete
    Directorate of Planning, Programming and ICT
    European Programmes Dept.
    66, Ikarou Av., Crete, Greece
    tel. 0030 2813409199, 0030 2813409221

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