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    Marie-Luce CastelliMarie-Luce Castelli

    The Office of the Environment of Corsica (OEC) is responsible for driving and coordinating all regional policy in terms of the environment and sustainable development. It thus intervenes for: the protection, preservation and management of spaces and natural balances (coast and mountains), of fauna and flora; the protection of marine and aquatic environments as well as water resources; fire prevention; the fight against pollution and nuisances. The development and contribution to the implementation of a waste recovery policy; promote the development of clean and economical technologies; Promote the quality of life (water quality, landscape quality, spatial planning, etc.); Inform and sensitize all audiences to the problems of the environment and sustainable development.

    The OEC thus also strives to collect datas and study the island environment as well as to raise awareness on this point among local communities: Contribution to the protection and enhancement of the heritage; Encouragement to draw up and take into account the environment in town planning documents. The OEC also participates in the definition and implementation of local strategies and policies with monitoring of development plans to ensure the balance between economic development and heritage protection.

    The OEC applies and shares its skills through various sectoral and cooperation programs such as INTERREG, LIFE, ERASMUS+, HORIZON2020 etc. It thus has extensive experience of the methodologies, objectives and results obtained in a wide range of themes.

    We are interested joining a consortium, please let us know here your informations.
    Best regards,

    Jonathan WilliamsJonathan Williams

    Hello Marie-Luce
    SOS is an Italian SME (an ‘innovative start-up company’) focused on advances in maritime sustainability. We are interested to explore a potential project in the field of coastal ecosystems management from a natural capital perspective. I can send you a brief outline if you are interested in this topic. Let me know. My email address is:
    Best regards
    Jonathan Williams

    Juan CharnecoJuan Charneco

    Hello Marie-Luce,

    We are an innovative engineering company from Spain. We are working in a project about drought. I would like to discuss with you about our project in order to explore if we can work and collaborate toguether. If you could be interested, my email is: Thanks


    — Juan Charneco

    Danilo CrastollaDanilo Crastolla

    hello may i have your email? regards Danilo

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