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    Haziz MarkuHaziz Marku

    National Center of Environmental Movement (NCEM) has been working for more than 10 years in the area of environmental protection and improvement of social indicators in Albania and in neighboring countries.
    Our vision is a society that works for environmental protection and improvement in the growth of social development indicators, in balance with community’s needs. The organization’s mission is to work together to improve the environmental indicators and social development, in order to improve the quality of life for the present and future.
    NCEM aims at rising awareness of the community, institutions and other stakeholders, for the improvement of indicators in the field of environment, tourism, sustainable development etc. in order to improve the quality of life as well as to preserve nature resources and to protect environment. Furthermore it offers environmental expertise, preparation of strategies, and actions plans, monitoring programs, studies and research in the field of environment and tourism.
    We have experience in developing national and international projects in the fields of environment and sustainable Development. Some of the projects carried out are:
    1. “CAVES – Speleological Tourism Development in the Southern Adriatic Area” funded by Interreg – Funding: European Union, IPA CBC.
    2. Establishment of the Environmental Organizations Federation in Albania, with the aim of coordinating its information and cooperation with the community, business associations, government and international institutions. Funding: Institute of Environmental Studies.
    3. Threatened species of Albania: publication of the Red Book of Albanian Flora. Funding: Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania.
    4. Improvement of the knowledge, in the context of promoting sustainable transport in the territory of the Adriatic”. Acronym: KHE – STO. The project developed by five partners; 3 from Albania and two from Italy. Funding: European Union, (IPA Adriatic).

    So, we would be very much appreciated if you could consider us in a possible partnership in the case that you are planning to develop a project proposal under this upcoming First Call for proposals of Euro-MED Program.
    You are pleased to contact:

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