Municipality of Smolyan BG is interested in joining a consortium

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    Zlatka MitovaZlatka Mitova

    Smolyan Municipality is situated in the south-cenral part of Bulgaria, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, on altitude of 1000m above sea level. Its area is 854 sq. Km and the population is 37 607 living in the town of Smolyan and other 85 villages. The town itself is around 28 000 people. Smolyan is the centre of Smolyan Region, which consists of 10 municipalities. Only 55 km. from Smolyan is situated the cross-border check point with Greece. Another border check-point is to be opened in the nearest future which will be only 30 km away from the town. Smolyan Municipality is an important commercial and tourist center and occupies a leading position in the economy of the region. The area serves great conditions for ecotourism, mountain activities and ski-sports.
    The municipality is skilled in EU funded projects designing and implementation with over 60 approved EU projects since 2007.
    SMOLYAN is a Covenant of Mayors signatory and has elaborated its SECAP. The municipality engages in sustainable energy actions in public and private buildings, street lighting, RES utilization; Active involvement of citizens is recognized as a priority for achieving climate targets. Currently Smolyan is part of the Horizon2020 +Cityxchange network where the city will build capacity and demonstrate projects for achieving Positive Energy Districts and develop its Bold city vision for 2050.

    We are interested in taking part as a partner in a consortium respecting the following Programme missions/ specific objectives:
    – Innovative sustainable economy;
    – Protecting, restoring and valorising the natural environment and heritage, specifically in the promotio of climate change adaptation, mitigation and risk prevention; enhancing and protecting biodiversity and natural heritage;
    – Promotion of green, sustainable and climate neutral living areas – promotion of climate change adaptation, mitigation and suppotring the transition to climate neutrality;
    – ENHANCING SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – natural and cultural heritage protection; consolidation of a competative innovation ecosystem; supporting circular economy; enhancing biodiversity.

    If you think we could contribute to your project idea, please write to us about it:

    Strategic Planning, Innovations, Projects and Tourism Department Team
    Municipality of Smolyan

    Zlatka MitovaZlatka Mitova

    There is a mistake in the e-mails.
    Please write to us to these e-mails:

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