Municality of Radenci – Sustainable tourism

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    Luka AjlecLuka Ajlec

    The municipality of Radenci is located in the north east of Slovenia along the Mura River and has approximately 5200 inhabitants living in twenty-two settlements. Most of the tasks within the competence of the municipality relate to the areas of spatial planning, construction of facilities, local public services, environmental protection, primary education and child protection. The municipality also deals with tasks in the field of tourism, European projects, where it includes elements of green technology. Radenci is a well-known health resort with one of the richest and highest quality water areas in Slovenia. Radenci is known for its popular and world famous mineral water, called Radenska.
    The municipality of Radenci was participating in the international project Prehistory adventure, Eramus plus – Re – conncet (still ongoing), Interreg Mediterranean -EMbleMatiC (associated partner) and LAG project.
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