Mitigation of the risk caused by landslides and deformation

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    Silvia CheliniSilvia Chelini

    The Municipality of Camaiore, coastal territory of the Tuscany region, Italy, is looking for partners for the development of a project related to the construction of a control system for the mitigation of the risk caused by landslides and deformation.
    Specifically, the project aims to effectively define a policy of preventive territorial planning and intervention against these geological risks through the procurement of the necessary instrumentation for the creation and implementation of a prototype station model for the automatic and real-time monitoring of areas at risk, in order to define a mapping of the geographical areas most affected by the phenomenon.

    Almost a fifth of Europe is interested in soluble rocks which include limestone, chalk and salt. Where these boulders dissolve, caves can form, they can cause land subsidence, landslides and sinkholes, causing serious damage to the point of being a danger for the collapse of buildings and for urban safety. The causes of these phenomena are diversified, they can be of natural origin, therefore linked to certain characteristics of the territory (in Italy and Spain) or anthropogenic, linked to human activity, in particular to extractive activities that have been closed with the consequent abandonment of old mines (in Belgium and England).

    To prevent and mitigate the risks associated with these phenomena, it is essential to monitor soluble rocks, the distribution and subsidence of sinkholes and landslides, essential for public safety, planning policies and urban development.
    Therefore, to effectively define a preventive spatial planning policy against these geological risks, it is very important to know the distribution and the triggering mechanisms that control their formation. The risk can therefore be avoided or managed, reducing problems, protecting human security and stimulating development.

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