METAL CENTRE ČAKOVEC (Croatia) – interested in joining a consortium

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    Metal Centre Čakovec is an institution for research and development in the field of technologies and processes in the metal industry.
    The activities of Metal Centre are focused on research and creation of new applicable knowledge, support for innovative start-up companies in the implementation of innovative ideas, acceleration of technological development, improving the integration of research and business sector and knowledge transfer.
    Metal Centre is equipped with modern 3D printers: 3D printer for plastic (STRATASYS F900) and 3D printer for metal (EOS M 290), 3D optical scanner (ATOS 5 12M XL). Furthermore, we have modern development equipment for the design of IoT systems and a line for surface laying of electronic components (SMT), different software etc.

    Process of 3D optical scanning is nowadays widely used in archivating and digitization of cultural heritage.

    If you are interested in Croatian partners and see us as an added value for your project, it would be great to discuss further about a potential collaboration.
    We ensure as a co-applicant our commitment, professionalism, reliability, local know- how and networking.
    If you are interested, maybe you can send us more info about the project idea, so we can see in which part of the project could we engage and help you with project preparation.

    For more info about us, you can visit our site:
    Please contact us at:

    Thank you!
    Best regards!

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