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    The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is the governmental body responsible for Research and Innovation (R&I), space, science, and technology. MCST was established by central government in 1988 with the mandate of advising government on science and technology policy. Today its remit has developed and expanded to include responsibilities associated with R&I policy and strategy, science communication, as well as the management of various R&I programmes.

    MCST set up Esplora as a state-of-the-art permanent infrastructure where students, educators and members of the public can immerse themselves in hands-on, interactive science experiences in a non-formal learning facility. The core aim is to inspire visitors and staff to Explore, Think, Imagine, Appreciate and Create. The objective is to cultivate a culture of scientific curiosity, and to aid in increasing the number of STEM professionals, thus giving Malta the much-needed human capital to sustain a competitive knowledge-based economy.

    Since September 2020, MCST has participated in the strategic funded project BLUE BIO MED; an Interreg MED on Governance (PANORAMED) focusing on the sustainable blue bioeconomy. Being Malta’s National Authority responsible for drafting and overseeing the National RIS3 Strategy, MCST has extensive experience on the priorities and requirements of Malta in relation to the Blue Bioeconomy sector, thus brings forward to the consortium first-hand experience on work being carried out at a national level with regards to the local stakeholders involved in the Blue Bioeconomy sectors.

    MCST is looking to join consortia as partners on topics including Mediterranean Governance and Innovative Sustainable Economy.


    Contact us on –



    We are a body governed by public law, a local action group and a network made of 59 municipalities and many private professional associations and organization with the aim of local development of a rural area in Italy (Molise Region)
    We have long term experience on Interreg projects as partner and lead partner too.
    For further info please contact us at

    Adolfo Colagiovanni

    Azra Gurdic RibicAzra Gurdic Ribic

    We are the Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Transfer of Knowledge from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    We are primarily focused on advising young people in the field of robotics, as well as supporting the development of technological and social innovations through networking and partnership. Our mission is to empower individuals and teams to work for peace and prosperity, strengthen the economy in Western Balkans by activating entrepreneurship and generating an innovative business atmosphere​, and create new, better-paid jobs for young and/or experienced people.
    We are especially interested in joining a consortium regarding the SO 1.1 Smarter Mediterranean since we are experienced in providing education in advanced technologies such as robotics and automation.
    Please inform us about further steps.
    Azra Gurdić Ribić

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