Málaga city as partner in your propossal

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    Mariano MoranMariano Moran

    Promálaga is a public authority focused on entrepreneurship that works for the development of the city of Málaga (ES), the 6th Spanish city in population (almost 600.000 unhabitants) and the 3rd airport in Spain with direct flyes to more than 100 cities in Europe and 60 countries in the world.

    Málaga and its ecosystem is an international reference in innovation and tourism (finalist of innovation european capital 2021 and smart tourism european capital 2019). We are a valuable and reliable partner to contribute to the implementation and piloting of solutions for the cities.

    We have previous experience in Programme MED and we are willing to participate in a propossal for this topic.

    Branimir GenevBranimir Genev

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is Branimir Genev, a Junior expert in “European programs and international cooperation” department of Stara Zagora Municipality, Bulgaria. We would like to form a consortium and fund a project proposal through the Euro – MED INTERREG program. If you are interested to join us, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll send you a more detailed description of our project idea. My e-mail address is:

    Glykeria MyrovaliGlykeria Myrovali


    i am working in CERTH/HIT (, both in the Sustainable Mobility Department as well as in Sector D, Transport and Tourism, and we are getting organized to submit or get invovled in a proposal for sustainable tourism eco-systems creation.

    In case you are interest or you are planning something similar please let us know (

    Giulia AllegrucciGiulia Allegrucci

    Hi Mariano
    We are developing a project proposal focusing on tourism and we would be interested in involving Promalaga
    Please feel free to contact me
    best regards,

    Ana LacãoAna Lacão

    I’m contacting you in the behalf of AREANATejo – Regional Energy and Environment Agency from North Alentejo.
    We are a Private non for profit organisation of Alto Alentejo region (Portugal). We have the following mission and objectives: to adopt measures for the energy transition; to promote energy and environmental sustainability; to promote carbon neutrality in all sectors of activity; to develop projects that encourage circular economy; to promote the sustainable local development; to incorporate renewable energy sources into energy consumption; to commit to the efficient use of resources; to fight energy poverty; to promote sustainable mobility; to adopt mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change; and to pursue a strategic planning, in all intervention areas.
    Our main areas of expertise are: energy, environment, mobility and awareness-raising/environmental education; and we develop the majority of the projects to our associated stakeholders (the 15 Municipalities that belong to the District of Portalegre).
    We have been involved in European co-financed projects since 2008 (Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS+, INTERREG POCTEP, INTERREG MED and H2020 Programmes).
    We have 20 years of experience and we implemented already more than 40 national and European projects, 6 of them under previous MED Programme calls.

    Taking into account the elegibility criteria of the new EURO MED Programme, we are not eligible as Lead Partners (only as Partners). So, we would be very much appreciated if you could consider us in a possible partnership.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    With my best regards,
    Ana Lacão.

    Sergio GalassoSergio Galasso

    Good morning,

    my name is Sergio Galasso and I’m co-founder of Itinerari Paralleli (, an Italian social enterpsie focusing on cultural based territoriale regeneration. We have expertise in place making, participatoty methodologies, community building and content creation for cultural and social projects. We where would be interested in being part of a conortium. If interested I would be pleased to have a call with you to discuss the opportunity.

    Best to all,

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