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    Sofia BombonatiSofia Bombonati

    We are the development agency of Ferrara (Italy) and we are looking for interested partners in developing a project based on circular economy in aquaculture sector.

    Celine DubreuilCeline Dubreuil

    Dear Sofia,
    Plan Bleu, Regional activity center from UNEP/MAP and lead of the capitalization activities of the Interreg Med Blue Growth community project (2019-2022) is also interested in pursuing activities it has carried out on aquaculture in the Mediterranean (incl. Development of a Roadmap for sustainable aquaculture and report on the circular blue economy including the fisheries and aquaculture sub-sector). We would be very interested in collaborating with you on this topic and we can set a date for an exchange if you wish. Best regards,


    Dear Sofia,

    I would like to indicate our interest for your project, and we would like to get to know more information about the project idea and how iED will add value to it.
    Please feel free to send us more information at

    Natasha ZarankovaNatasha Zarankova

    Dear Sofia,
    We are BIGD, Bulgarian non-for-profit business supporting organization and SO 2.6 and your idea about circular economy is also interesting for us. In the last years BIGD works in the fields of social economy and social innovations, promoting and building capacity for social entrepreneurship; supporting sustainable tourism, diversification of tourist services in waterland areas and cross-sectoral links with agriculture, creating supportive ecosystems for the agri-food sector, transferring knowledge and innovative business models. We have more than 20 years of experience in implementing EU funded projects (H2020, Interreg – DTP, Interreg VA GR-BG, CBC BG-MK, Interreg IVC, national OP, etc.) and are open for new collaborations. Feel free to contact us at:

    Best regards,

    Carolina SantonjaCarolina Santonja

    Dear Sofia
    We are contacting from EuroVértice, a Spanish consultancy specialized in European funding with more than 15 years of experience.
    We have been accompanying and helping organizations in their projects for more than 15 years in programs such as H2020, LIFE+, INTERREG EUROPA and URBACT, among others, that is why we work with several clients related to aquaculture and circular economy. We also colaborate with diferent types od organisations including public administrations at national, regional and local level, medium and large companies, as well as research/technological centres and universities.
    We found your project idea interesting and believe we could introduce a partner that would be interesting to you, for this we would like to have more information about your proposal in particular, what kind of partners are you looking to collaborate with, so we can suggest the best fit for your project.
    Thank you very much in advance for taking the time in reading my message. Feel free to contact us at
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Todorka AtanasovaTodorka Atanasova

    Dear Sofia,

    Varna Economic Development Agency – VEDA (, is an NGO, which operates in a public benefit on the territory of Varna region in Bulgaria.
    We are interested to join your proposal as a partner.

    We have experience in multinational projects funded under H2020, JOP Black Sea Basin, Danube Transnational Program, Erasmus+, etc., for which we have provided research, consultancy, training and events on a variety of topics.

    VEDA was a national contact point for the CIP Eco-Innovation Program (2007-2013).

    Our agency was involved in carrying out several projects in the area of blue economy i.e. 2018-1-MT01-KA202-038500 BLUESPROUT – Boosting blue Entrepreneurs’ competences toward an environmental care ecosystem , 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000034899 BLUEDIVET – Blue economy digitalization skills for VET students and 2013–3852/011–011 YT7 CAAP7 YBE – “Young Blue Entrepreneurs Across the World”.

    Also, under the project “Building entrepreneurial capacities for women in the agri-food business”, Empowering Women in Agriculture (EWA) in Bulgaria VEDA coach provided mentorship to a young female scientist, who works currently in the area of utilization of waste biomass from algae. Her doctoral research is towards production of a bio fertilizer with inter molecular content, which will regulate the processes of assimilation of water and nutrients by plants.

    The European algae industry is a promising emerging sector of the EU Blue Bio-economy with many data gaps still to be filled, and we will be happy to cooperate with you on this topic.

    Kind regards,

    Todorka Dimitrova
    VEDA Director


    Dear Sofia,
    At Patras Science Park, in the Region of Western Greece, we have a keen interest in the aquaculture sector and blue growth in general. We have recently completed the Interreg ADRION / BlueBoost project, which is quite relevant to your proposal (
    Please send me a response if you find that our Park could be a suitable partner (
    Kind regards
    Dr. Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos

    Snjezana ZrncicSnjezana Zrncic

    Dear Sofia,
    I am a representative of the Croatian Veterinary Institute and we are finishing the project on the Enhancement and Innovation in Adriatic Aquaculture. We are interested in the partnership. My lab is dealing with sustainable diseases management but we have also labs dealing with feed and food nutrient quality which are willing to join consortia in sustainable aquaculture.
    Best regards
    Snježana Zrnčić

    Alexandra MarquesAlexandra Marques

    Dear Sofia,

    We are a Collaborative Laboratory in Sustainable and Smart Aquaculture – S2AQUAcoLAB.

    We work as an interface entity between research and companies.

    We are interested in joining Interreg Euro-MED partnerships, so we would like to contact you to learn further details and, eventually, join your consortium.
    Are you still looking for project partners?

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

    Alexandra Marques
    Innovation and Projects Manager at S2AQUAcoLAB

    raffaele manciniraffaele mancini

    Dear Sofia

    Assoittica Italia ( is interested in the topic and ready to involve our associated SMEs. We have a vast network of aquaculture-related stakeholders. Available to talk about it when you are.

    Raffaele Mancini


    Dear Sofia,
    We, CYDRONES IoT SOLUTION Ltd, are a cutting-edge technology Start-Up company based in CYPRUS specializing in designing Drones and designing innovative solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain technologies that collect, process, and manage data for decision making and action routing. I would like to express our interest in your project, and we would like to get to know more information about your project idea. We would be very interested to collaborate and use drones, or Internet of Things (IoT) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Blockchain technologies in your project.

    Michael Giorgallas

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Innovation HiveInnovation Hive

    Dear Sofia,

    I am contacting you on behalf of Innovation Hive, a private non profit organization located in Greece, specialized in the fields of research and innovation. Our organisation was established in 2020 and we are currently implementing 75 EU projects in various programs such as the LIFE, ERASMUS+, CERV, AMIF and HE.

    Our interest and projects focuses on topics such as sustainable development, circular economy, Grean Deal, SDGs, as well as the development of a more sustainable blue economy as well as we have a well established collaboration with a high-experienced industry in Volos which aims to improve the sustainability of fish farming activities.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me by email:

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