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    The municipality of Albufeira, located in the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal, is part of the Mediterranean basin, in an area of high vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, namely scarcity of water availability and changes in rainfall patterns.

    The project aims to:

    • Replace plants cover with high water consumption by native plants
    • Materialize technical solutions for irrigation, namely the use of ApR (wastewater reuse)
    • Use of high water table, such as existing wells, or Arabian hydraulic structures
    • Implement natural engineering solutions for creating reservoirs (dykes), in water lines, in order to create flow equalization zones and promote local biodiversity
    • Installation of weather stations, telemanagement and telemetry equipment, as well as humidity sensors to optimize irrigation in response to soil water needs.

    We are looking for partners from any Mediterranean region with similar needs.

    Gérard WOLFFGérard WOLFF

    Dear Conceiçao,
    I just let you a message for another projet, and I am finding this projet dealing with water management.
    Here are a few hints about our background in the Departemental Council of Herault:
    – application in a research project for reuse of waste water especially on campsites
    – involvement in a MED program project “Waterloss” tackling issue of water supply systems, leaks and management for efficiency improvements (indicators and parameters, methodology and lauch of a computerized decision support tool)
    – issue of a brochure for the selection of trees/plants for campground managers
    – management of agricultural water dam for local irrigation
    – promotion of efficient irrigation in agriculture
    Climat change is a long run challenge, and the local representatives strive to tackle in a proper way this policy.
    So we would be glad to participate in a project dealing with a panel of these topics
    Best regards
    Gerard Wolff

    Juan CharnecoJuan Charneco

    Dear Conceiçao,

    Could you be interested in participating in a drought project that we would like to validate in your region? Please, write me and I will give you more details. My email es


    — Juan Charneco

    Paqui SanchezPaqui Sanchez

    Dear all,

    We are the Technology Centre for Energy and Environment ( We are placed in the southeast of Spain, in the Region of Murcia, and we work in the fields of water treatment/reuse, waste valorisation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. We have worked in projects related to water treatment and reuse in agriculture with regional actors and we are quite interested in joining a proposal related to water management. We can provide technical expertise and look for other partners (key actors) in our region. Feel free to contact me by email or through this platform.
    Best regards,


    Hello again to everyone interested in our project.
    We are still in the partnership building phase.
    We need an academic partner, with applied research in the Mediterranean Forest area for the k-waters project.
    I look forward to your contacts.
    Conceicao Canavilhas

    Silvia MedriSilvia Medri

    Dear Dear Conceiçao,

    I am contacting you from Romagna Tech, a joint-stock consortium company accredited as an Industrial Research Laboratory and Innovation Centre within the framework of the “High Technology Network” promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region, and operates as a Research and Technology Transfer Organisation with the objective of promoting and generating technological innovation processes through collaborations with other research centres, support to companies and organisations, and as a start-up accelerator through its business incubators.

    We have extensive experience in EU funded projects, on sustainable development and water management, therefore we would be very interested in joining your project and contribute with our expertise.

    I have just sent you an email to your address with more detailed information regarding our experience, please feel free to contact me anytime:

    I look forward to hearing from you.




    Dear participants of this FORUM
    We would like to invite to k-water partnership an Associated Partner from Tunisia.
    Is there anyone interested in joining this Consortium?
    We will be waiting for feedback.
    Thank you
    Best regards from Portugal – Albufeira

    Nuno CarvalhoNuno Carvalho


    I represent a Portuguese Municipality that is interested in joining a consortium like yours.
    If you are interested please contact me:

    Angelos ParmatziasAngelos Parmatzias

    We are interested in your project, please contact us

    C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is a non-profit, educational and research organization. CIP constitutes a leading organization in Cyprus in global education, social innovation, citizen engagement, entrepreneurship, STEM, IoT, AI, clean energy and sustainable growth. CIP has been running more than 70 EU-funded projects, including KA2 & KA3 actions, AMIF, ENI CBC Med, COSME and Horizon Europe.

    Contact us at

    Angelos ParmatziasAngelos Parmatzias

    Few of our projects
    – ‘NEX-LABS’ ENI CBC MED project: ENI CBC MED project: is a €3.4 million project that aims to support the implementation of clean technologies for the sustainable and resilient growth of agri-food sector production based on more efficient use of energy (renewable/solar solutions) and water (wastewater treatment, water harvesting or reuse solutions) in Mediterranean Partner Countries region thanks to the contribution of ICT such as blockchain technology, Internet or the Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Big Data.

    – ‘Closing the gap between fork and farm for circular nutrient flows’ project aims at the implementation and exploration of innovative Nitrogen & Phosphorus recovery solutions for the utilization of human sanitary waste from urban settlements and its conversion into safe bio-based fertilisers for agricultural production (HORIZON-CL6-2022-ZEROPOLLUTION-01-02, Project number: 101081883, budget: 7.5 million).

    – FlexCHESS aims to revolutionize the existing paradigms of energy storage by developing a multi-level flexibility approach based on Virtual Energy Storage System (VESS) that can store surplus energy through hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) and modify their behaviour and architecture to support unpredictable growth and change of demand, climate and market (HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-01, project number: 101096946, budget 3.6 Million)


    Dear Conceiçao,

    I represent Local action group “South Istria”, NGO from Croatia (Istria Region). We find your idea very interesting and we would like to join the consortium.
    Our territory is also very vulnerable when it comes to water supplies. During last couple of years, we have noticed severe signes of climate change on our territory manifesting through long periods of severe lack of water and drought. In order to cope with this problem we need to create sustainable solutions for water management and irrigation. This area has always had culture of building wells and collecting water in farm dams which both became forgotten and are out of use.
    We have big number of local farmers sharing this problem so there is a large circle of potential stake holders and target groups interested in this topic.
    Based on everything said, we would be glad to participate on this project.

    You can contact us at: (

    Best regards,
    Moira Drandic Pauro

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