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    Ralitsa MarinovaRalitsa Marinova

    IESDI is a non-profit organization supporting the development of applied research and innovative technologies geared towards achieving higher growth and competitiveness of the economy. The Institute builds bridges between the academia and the business for encouraging and promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Few examples of our best projects:
    Green energy sector
    Implementation of social innovations for active citizens’ participation in the green energy transition and the energy market, citizen control on renewable decision-making energy.

    „Active citizens for community-owned energy“, EEA Grants, .
    The main goal of the project is to raise civic awareness in the municipalities of Kostinbrod, Panagyurishte, Tryavna and Dryanovo and energy democracy, through collective action to support the energy transition.

    Agriculture and climate change adaption
    Knowledge, innovation and raising awareness to improve effective use of climate change adaptation measures already available, such as introduction of adapted crops, improved techniques for irrigation, crop diversification or precision agriculture.

    “Active farmers for climate change adaptation”, EEA Grants,

    The aim of the project was to stimulate active participation and the engagement of farmers and students in the agricultural sector in Bulgaria with the problems of environmental protection and farm adaptation to climate change through raising awareness, improving knowledge and borrowing innovations and good practices from Norway. The main activities of the project were implemented in Plovdiv, Varna and Gabrovo regions, with predominantly mountain agriculture.

    Entrepreneurship and innovations
    Starting and developing business in a digital environment with the use of the new digital tools. Digital marketing, IT technologies, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), Knowledge Management and ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

    “New generation of entrepreneurs – digital tools for building and expanding business, Ministry of Youth and Sport.
    The project was focused on young people in Bulgaria between the age of 15 to 29, who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills or with a specific business idea that they want to develop. Through the trainings that will be carried out within the project, young people will have the opportunity to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for starting and developing their own business in a digital environment.

    Contact us: Ralitsa Marinova,, +359 876 76 64 65

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